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It looks to be a fantastic phone but it is missing a few key features that will keep me from upgrading from my Nexus S. Yes I know the GN is a better phone, but the missing features will keep me away until the next Nexus, unless that one is missing key features that should be mandatory at the time, then I might move from the Nexus line to get better features at the expense of faster updates.

The biggest one is no LTE capability here in Canada. I found it hard to believe that they went without this or even the dual band hsdpa+ to give it up to 42 mbps download. The other is no Exynos SoC. Why would they move away from that processor? It is still (from a benchmark perspective) the best SoC out there for Android. Especially if they were not going to upgrade the hsdpa download speeds, there should have been no reason to move away from it. A higher clocked, optimized version of this processor would have been amazing! And to a lesser extent, the camera seems a little weak for what is supposed to be Googles flagship phone. Many of the reviews are saying they sacrificed picture quality for shutter speed, which is not a huge deal, but why be behind the Galaxy SII when they could have just improved that camera for this phone.

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