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About possible problems some may be having receiving Global Ottawa on ch 6.

It was mentioned at the meeting that Global Ottawa transmits in CIRCULAR polarization.

( Comment: Right hand or Left hand Circular polarization (?), electrical convention - is an important detail - if trying to receive a given signal with a circular polarized antenna. Your antenna design must match the polarization of the signal you are trying to receive - Circular Right, or Circular Left ... and you must get it correct based on how signal is transmitted, and the convention used. )

Then there was some side discussion about trying to take advantage of that ... circular polarization ... to try and improve Global reception.

Well .... I have been reading on the internet about Circular Polarization. Very interesting.

And that may indeed be a possibility.

Lots of interesting information on the internet about Circular Polarization - found just by searching.

But here is one, I found, some very practical information and ideas:

About CIRCULAR Polarization, and Antennas:

So, I pose a question:

Could reception of Global 6 in Ottawa be improved by the use of a properly designed antenna to receive CIRCULAR polarization ?

(as hinted at ... mentioned the meeting ?)
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