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Originally Posted by Rob235 View Post
Just bought a Kobo Vox "for my wife" She is mainly interested in Reading, E-mail and Face Book. My impressions so far.....
1 Easy setup............found my wireless "n" with no broblem
2. All books I had on my Kobo wi fi (not touch) loaded We dicided to have only one account for simplicity.
3. Limited number of free apps I did download Angry birds from Kobo menu. Tried to download another Angry birds game from an internet site. Downloaded OK but my other would delete if I installed it. Minor Irritation!!
4 Remember it is primarily a E reader. That part is excellent.
5 No banking apps(for example major Canadian banks)
Nice screen, bought a cover......overpriced at $40
6.Bought a regular SD adapter and a micro SD card.....Loaded some pics from my computer. Inserted micro SD. Pictures look good, I believe one can only save pics to Vox gallery if hooked up to PC. If travelling get a large capacity SD card if you want to look at all your pics on Vox
First impression are good espec price point
If you use the browser to download Astro File Manager it will help with a number of these issues. For example, if you have any other Android device that does have full access to the Android Marketplace, then you can download apps with that device, use Astro to backup the APK files, and then transfer them to the Vox & install them (transfer via the SD card or via dropbox to do it wirelessly).
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