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Originally Posted by Francois Caron View Post
Imagine if the show allowed its characters to grow up normally over its 23 year run. Where would they be today?

Grandpa Simpson would most likely be dead. Grandma Simpson would still be on the run from the law in her motorized wheelchair.

Homer would have retired with a meagre pension, a gold plated watch, and a "healthy glow."

Marge would be a volunteer worker now that the kids are all grown up and gone. Unfortunately, she's too old to be hired for pay by anyone.

Lisa Simpson would have joined Greenpeace, and is now trying to scare off huge Japanese whaling ships in a poorly inflated Zodiac.

Maggie would be the parent of an 8 year old. Do the math! And guess who could the father! Think "Unibrow!"

And Bart Simpson? Steve Jobs II!
Meagre pension? I guess the pensions are different in the USA. If his pension is anything like the Ontario Power Generation pension, Homer is comfortable in retirement.
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