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Question What does my driver's license have to do with a PC purchase?

This is my first attempt at a purchase from tigerdirect Canada . I ordered a computer on Saturday. I entered all the info correctly, gave Canadian credit card details and passed the transaction through Verified by Visa. The shipping and billing addresses are Canadian too. As someone who makes a lot of international online transactions I thought this should be a breeze.

On Sunday morning, (September 11 of all things!) at 7:47 am the phone starts ringing. It is tigerdirect, and they apparently want more personal info about me. I listened to the message but did not answer the call.

Later I see an email from them saying: Our order verification department needs more information in order to process and ship your order.

I phoned VISA to see if the payment got hung up, as in my experience they are the ones who might find things strange and suspend a transaction. But VISA just told me the confirmation code of the purchase and said all is well.

I sent an email to tigerdirect telling them the Visa confirmation code. They seem to have everything they need according to their order confirmation email:
Every order is thoroughly reviewed by our processing department to ensure that the order is accurate, the payment method is valid, and the user is authorized to use this payment method. Once the order has passed the rigorous review by our processing department, it is sent to our warehouse for shipment. Most orders are processed within minutes however depending on when an order is placed and the accuracy of the information supplied when the order is placed, processing can take longer. Further, for security reasons, in some circumstances voice confirmation may be required before we can process your order.

Well, if they really need to listen to my voice, I will try to comply. So I give them a call. But still they want more. They want the back of my driver's license showing the address I recently moved to.

And when I sent them that they said it wasn't enough and they want the front of my driver's license.

Now I am trying to figure out why they need my driver's license, by fax or email, in order to complete the transaction. They are going to have so much info on me by the time they complete this transaction they could probably steal my identity. I just don't get it.

Can anyone tell me why they need my drivers license? The first salesman, who is from syx, not tigerdirect, (syx could be the parent company) couldn't give me an adequate response and now I am about to question his manager.

If they really want to know so much about me they could at least let me know from the beginning. I would rather pay 10% and not go through this hassle, and not feel abused, or put at risk of an identity theft. I certainly don't see why they need my date of birth and my picture in order to sell me a pc. Or my sex, weight, height, eye color, hair color, and previous address. If they regularly handle online orders and they can't ask for the personal info they need at the time of purchase their website is defective.

In my opinion, I complied with everything they asked for, and then we agreed on a transaction. It is rude of them to want more from me after the agreement was made. Whether they want more money, or more information, it seems offensive to me. They are changing the terms of the agreement.
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