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Originally Posted by memphis 77
well i have had both rogers and bell , and subscribed to specialty chanells and tmn etc , i will only miss the dvr that bell has. I understand that chanell master makes a dvr so maybe when i get the new tv i'll also get the dvr.
Hmmm... Interesting. I was previously only was aware of the US HD TiVo. This seems like a simpler and less expensive solution. Anyone have recent experience with it, in terms of programming?

I've recently signed on for another 1-year contract (30% discount) on Rogers, but I'm finding I'm watching it less. The channels we'd miss on OTA are Discovery HD, Space (which isn't even in HD yet on Rogers), and Food Network.

In the meantime I already have a antenna mount on my roof and I'm by the lake, so I should be able to get decent reception. I'll lay some better RG6 cable (currently old RG59) and get a new antenna (currently a small ?busted? omnidirectional that's missing its amplifier) for testing purposes. I'll test over the course of the coming year.

It will be especially interesting to test now that everything's going digital in a few weeks, and some of the problematic channels will be getting revamped.
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