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Unhappy Can't get 82

I just had a new dual sat dish installed along with a 6100 receiver and can't get 82. When the receiver is hooked to the SW21 it reports the 91 Sat as green with a strong signal and the 82 as "Wrong Sat" with a strong 91 Sat signal as well. The switch test shows odd and even for 91 and X X for 82.

There are two SW21s on the roof and both give the same results. I used an RCA feed thru/in-line connector to bypass the SW21 and hook the single cable going into the house directly to the cable labeled 82. The receiver now reports zero signal strength, and of course no switch. Do I need to tell the receiver that there is no longer a switch for it to see the 82 Sat this way?

I have an SW44 coming that I will mount where it's easier to get to, but I wonder if my 82 LNB could just be bad or if the dish needs to be re-pointed?

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