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Not quite - just wait til you lose your satellite signal due to poor weather - bingo - thanks to Charlie Ergan - your Echostar receiver will lock out the OTA ATSC signal
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LaSalle, ON

Originally Posted by crockett18 View Post
This is for Windsor, has anyone had much success with an Indoor Antenna, if so which one ????
New to HDTV and I have been quite successful with a $20 RCA indoor antenna from Canadian Tire. In LaSalle I can pick up everything except the Detroit NBC (4.1). Is there a reason this one is trickier than the other to nail down? Probably going to go rooftop soon because this is driving me crazy!!!
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indoor attenna

i use a indoor attena and get nbc at 82% most of the time.i use a terk attanna i bought from curciut city in detroit it sort of looks like a tree.if u point your attenna at the gm building u should get all the detroit channels except 38 cause they use that building to broadcast from.i get channel 2at 89% channel 4 at82% channel 7 at 91% 20 at 100% 50 at 98% 56 at 96% and 62 at 89% and at nite i get 38 at 66%
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Windsor: CM4221 or 4228 for Detroit and Locals?

I am in Windsor and was wondering which antenna is better for me in my location. cm4221 or cm4228

I would like to get Detroit channels & the CBC Windsor & the "A" channel form Windsor if that is possible without a rotor.

How many extra channels would I get if I bought a rotor? Mounting the ant on the roof (approx 25 in air).
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perry, in your case a CM4228 would be overkill given your location. That's a good problem to have...

I recommend either a Delhi 4BT-1483 or a Channel Master 4221. I cannot comment on what a rotor would do for you but my hunch is that you won't need one. I think you will not have much trouble finding a fixed-mount "sweet spot" at which the Detroit stations come in strongly via the front while the Windsor stations come in strongly via the side or back lobes. This is just my gut instinct, not a proven fact. Also it is probably a good idea to have an attenuator on hand to kill off some of the signal strength if it causes problems.

In your case you probably do not need to go so high (25') on your roof unless you are trying to clear the tops of trees or other blockages. You might want to experiment with a simple tripod or chimney mount at first if the surroundings are clear.

Here's the Ontario OTA Parts/Sales/Service/Installers thread:

OTA: Ontario Parts, Sales, Service, Installers
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I ordered the Delhi 4BT-1483 and will be here Monday
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Windsor results and question about Toledo stations

i bought a channel master 4221 and i get all the detroit channels including 38 and 2 toledo channels without a pre-amp.most of the detroit channels are in the high 80's and the 2 toledo channels are 13 which is at 68% and pbs which is at 60%.

my question is should i be able to get the other 3 toledo channels with a pre-amp or am i waisting my time and money.would also love to get channel 31 out of ann arbour too.it came in one sunday for 3 hours and had some interesting programs on it like bulldog fightingon sunday nights

i use my express-vu hd reciever to get these digital channels.as for the comment of being locked out of the local channels durn bad weather is not true.u need to go to menu 8 than 2 for the guide and scroll down to the local channels to watch them durn bad weather.

i live in windsor about 4 miles away from both the tunnel and bridge.any one can tell me if the pre-amp will get me more channels would be a great help thanks.heres all the channels i get right now and there signal strenght beside them without a pre-amp.

channel 2 detroit -77%
channel 4 detroit 77%
cannel 7 detroit 83%
channel 13 toledo 67%
channel 20 detroit 92%
channel 30 toledo 60%
channel 38 detroit 75%
channel 50 99%
channel 56 detroit 82%
channel 62 detroit 82%.

this is at 530 pm and when the sun goes down the detroit signs goes stronger.that with pointing my attenna at toledo and not at detroit.
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I'm in the Puce area and using a uhf / vhf combo mounted about 20 -25 ft on my roof. Using a rotor and a uhf amplifier I only add Toledo channel 11 and Ann Arbor PBS to your list. I have yet to get any additional HD broadcast but don't experiment much. I bought my UHF amp from Lighthouse Antenna in Windsor as Stampeder mentioned he also said the 4228 is overkill, he mentioned the 4221 for our area. I think he charged $60 for the amp.
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Spoonky do you pick up any Windsor stations at all?
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i get channel 60 the a channel pretty clear but channel 9 cbc comes inalittle distorted.as i have my attenna pointed towards toledo and not towards detroit.i am only using a ufh channel master 4221 antenna.i get all the detroit stations except 31 wichis the ion station from anne arbor.i get 2 toledo stations most of the time channel 13 and channel 30.some times channel 11 and 24 come in depending on the wind current.i suggest u aim your antenna towards toledo cause the detroit channels are strong enough that u don't have to aim towards detoit.i think i need the 8 bow uhf antenna to keep the other 2 toledo channels locked in.and maybe i mite get that tricky station from toledo too channel 36.u see channel 36 is the fox station and if detroit is not sold out for football toledo still shows a game usually green bay.

all windsor stations are not digital and they have no plan to go to digital at all.i hears that by the fall we will get digital ctv out of leammington as they got approval to broadcast from there from the crtc.golbal a bust thou cause its in sarnia and too far away.
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I don't have it installed yet but was curious about the Windsor stations. Thanks again.
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Question HD OTA Pointing Help for Windsor ON

On a suggestion, I'm reposting my question that I had placed in the "Newcomers Forum"; if any mod's would like to kill that thread to clean it up the link to the original question is here:

Hey everyone, I'm a hockey guy over in the states, close to Detroit, and now that I've been upgrading my systems to HD (a Plasma, and a LCD) along with getting hooked back up with DirecTV with their promise of something like 150 HD channels (My current digital cable has something like 3 actual digital channels) I don't want to lose my CBC channel 9 for Hockey Night in Canada. I've talked to DirecTV and they've said something about not being able to pick up the Canadian channel for rebroadcast. So I did the next thing, I called the best buy in Windsor and talk to one of the guys in the TV / Home Theater department, and he said that CBC is broadcasting in HD OTA; granted I never told him that I was in the states and not right there in Windsor. So off to Google I ventured, but now I'm worried; I haven't been able to find anything that backs up this guys word that CBC is doing OTA broadcasting in Windsor yet. So I called best buy a few days later and talked to someone else. They too said that I would be able to pick up CBC with a HD OTA antenna; which once again I didn't tell him I'm state side. I figure, I'm really just trying to find out if there really is a tower doing HD OTA of CBC and where is it so that I can get a approx. distance from it to me so that I can pick out a good Delhi or ChannelMaster antenna rated for the right distance, and point it somewhere more accurately than just "Toward Canada"

Thank you for reading my life story LOL

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I seriously doubt you would be able to pickup CBC HD's OTA from the CN Tower in Toronto, all the way to Detroit.
When I lived in Downtown Toronto on the 27th Floor, I could pickup WWJ-62, as well as WUAB 43 Cleveland.
However, the major factor would be co-channel interference from WMYD-20 (My20 in Detroit), since CBLT-DT is also on channel 20.
You will be stuck with the SD version CBET 9 from Windsor, since HD is only available to Windsorites via Cable or Satellite.

See http://www.cbc.ca/hdtv/ for info on what channels CBC HD are available and where.

Stations available in your area:

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magnet - Thanks for clearing that up. As I use Google Earth to see my exact distance from the CN Tower I'd say that trying to pull an HD OTA signal 351.19 Km even given perfect radio condition and no external radio noise would be just about -5% LOL

Now I've already read that really there isn't much of a difference from Analog and Digital antenna's; is that true?

Reason for asking is that I'm only about 58 Km from what I think is the Essex broadcast towers (42║29'16.09"N 83║24'25.60"W) and I'm wondering would the same antenna that would pick up the Analog signal, maybe pickup a digital signal sometime in the future?


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RSA: There is absolutely no difference between an analog and digital antenna (any such claims are marketing ploys). However, since most digital stations are currently broadcasting on UHF (channels 14-69) and some analog stations are on VHF (channels 2-13), so some people call UHF antennas digital antennas, but after the analog shutdown, many digital stations will move to VHF (see DTV Tentative Channel Designations) so many people will be unhappy with their "digital" antenna after that. You can either get a combo VHF/UHF antenna or join separate VHF and UHF antennas together with a band separator/combiner.

So for CBET 9 you will need a VHF antenna, but you will also need one for WJBK after the analog shutdown in 2009. As for receiving CBET digitally, the CRTC has announced that the Canadian analog shutdown is scheduled for 2011, so it will have to start broadcasting digitally before then. When that will happen is anyone's guess, but I would be very surprised if it goes on air in less than 2 years. They have been tentatively allocated channel 35 but will likely revert to 9 in 2011. It is possible that they will wait until 2011 and do a flash cutover from analog to digital on channel 9, but I personally think this is unlikely (see August 31st 2011: Deadline for DTV and HDTV in Canada for more discussion on this).
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