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post #256 of 1395 (permalink) Old 2009-04-09, 01:35 PM
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When you say lose signal when a car goes by.
Do you mean street level or are you beside the ambassdor bridge (or another bridge)?

BTW, rg56 is the same as rg6.

Read ya l8r,

OTA: DB8 + Y5 2-6 + CM777. FTA: 30W + 72W + 87W + 97W
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your antenna or tuner must be really weak to be affected by passing automobiles. my indoor antenna used to be affected by people walking by next to it, so i know what it's like.
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Check out this topographical map of Southwestern Ontario and you'll see that while the area west of London is like a billiards table the Kitchener direction causes signal propogation problems for stations:

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SRC? which repeater?.. CBLFT Toronto, London, or Kitchener?
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Chatham, ON

Hey love the site! I was always wondering what real OTA HDTV looked like so I went online found some easy plans and made myself a youtube antenna

I can get NBC and ABC HD no problem, but at only a mid 30s signal strength sometimes mid 20s. I do get Fox HD sometimes but its real rare, signal strength is only maybe 20 if I'm lucky. Really I just want to watch NHL playoffs on CBC HD. Though the more HD I get the better!

Anyways, Ive done some reading, have been looking at getting a Antennas Direct DB8, now will this do me ok? Heres my TVFool: http://www.tvfool.com/?option=com_wr...7c72db8312fc5e

I already have an existing outdoor antenna that didn't work real great 20 years ago, so I was just going to get a heavy duty rotor and the DB8, maybe a preamp/amp. and add it to the pole that is already there.

Any suggestions would be great!! Thanks!

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Hi Nordberg420 and welcome here. First of all, you will not get any CBC HD signals in Chatham. The nearest station for that is in Toronto. Reading through this thread that covers your area will give you a better idea of what to expect.

Secondly, since you've built one of those lame coathanger antennas and had some luck you should consider building a proper antenna that will give you much better results:

Introduction to the Gray-Hoverman TV Antenna
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Originally Posted by RingtailedFox
WPXD-DT seems to have vanished... i have been getting 0-5% signal on it. Apparently i was able to get a signal lock with as little as 20% signal (typically, i need 40% or greater)... is the station off the air again?
No, but they haven't moved the transmitter location to Southfield yet.

According to my rig, they are still broadcasting from just north of Chelsea, and I pick them up fine on UHF 31. Not sure when the move will take place.

Also, they have yet to make the move to HD, in spite of the fact a number of other ION stations have gone HD. Maybe they are waiting to move to Southfield first?
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Detroit DTV questions

my father has a dtv telivision..when turned on it says this..he is on a regular antenna and receives most detroit stations as usual..the problem is he always watched channel 56 (public tv) and now it has gone digital and he does not recive it..can anyone tell me why?..do i need to change some setting in his tv? i am completely new to this as i have had sat tv for a long time
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DPTV is using digital channel 43

(virtual sub-channels 56.1, 56.2, or 56.3)

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willieg, which city or town are you in?
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Originally Posted by Emerald_Boar
PS. If anyone wants my US database.
Just write me a personal note. BTW its in .ods format (Open Office format.)
Is there a web link to it?
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Looking to rig up a good system in Sarnia

Hey guys, I've been to this site a few times and was reading this thread and was just getting overwhelmed! Well I came back decided to register and give it a shot!

I'm in Sarnia and am wondering what channels I may be able to pickup both in SD and HD from both Ontario and the U.S.

I'm not all that great with heights haha, don't have a Tower on the side of my house or anything, but if I had everything all ready in one shot I should be able to get some help putting an external antenna up.

I always like to take advantage of what I can for my money without going overboard, so I guess I'd be looking for the biggest bang for my buck without going after channels that are too far away and pushing my luck, I am really interested in american and HD channels.

being in Sarnia, from what I read in this thread and what I looked at as far as Antenna's, I am pretty far away from Detroit (65 miles roughly), and other US stations - so with that in mind what kind of equipment would I need, without spending alot of money? (ex. rotor, preamp etc) It would be nice to come away getting a nice selection of channels for around $100 or so, but if it was really worth it I could go twice as high (not preferably unless recommended).

Could I mount an antenna on the roof over my shingles or would I need to spend money on a tower, as I might have to put the tower through cement which wouldnt be fun?

Hey thanks for listening and I look forward to being a part of this great site going forward!
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Icepik: welcome to the Digital Forums!

Sarnia? not that far at all. You'll get the Detroit locals with a rooftop or attic antenna. if you aim yourself towards the Bluewater bridge/due west, you might even pick up the Flint locals, as well. Currently, no stations in southwestern ontario are operating on digital format, aside from CKXT-DT-3 on channel 19 in London.

The three sweet spots you'll want to aim for are SW towards the Southfield transmitter farm (where most of hte detroit locals, aside from WADL-TV/-DT broadcast from), SE towards Oil Springs (where most of the southwestern ontario locals broadcast from, and W towards Flint.

If you have a directional and rotor (or omnidirectional), your channel lineup should appear like so (using RF channels after june 12, only likely regularly-recievable channels shown):

WJBK-DT 7 (FOX) Detroit
CBET-TV 9 (CBC) Windsor
CFPL-TV 10 (A) London (if CFPL can reach Sanilac County, MI over-the-air, i'm sure you're within range of it)
WJRT-DT 12 (ABC) Flint
WKBD-DT 14 (The CW) Detroit
WSMH-DT 16 (FOX) Flint
CICO-TV-18 18 (TVOntario) London
WMYD-DT 21 (My Network TV) Detroit
WNEM-DT 22 (CBS) Flint
WFUM-DT 28 (PBS) Flint
CIII-TV-29 29 (Global) Oil Springs
WEYI-DT 30 (NBC, The CW/WBSF on DT2) Flint
WPXD-DT 31 (ION Television, Qubo on DT2, ION Life on DT3, Worship on DT4) Ann Arbor (not so sure about this one, but it's supposed to move to WKBD's tower and increase power to 1 megawatt, staying on 31...)
CBLN-TV-2 34 (CBC) Sarnia
WADL-DT 39 (Independent, The WORD Network on DT2) Mount Clemens, MI/Detroit, MI
WXYZ-DT 41 (ABC, Retro TV Net. on DT2, Weather Radar on DT3) Detroit
CKCO-TV-3 42 (CTV) Oil Springs
WTVS-DT 43 (PBS, PBS Kids on DT2, Create on DT3) Detroit
WWJ-DT 44 (CBS) Detroit
WDIV-DT 45 (NBC, This on DT2) Detroit
WBSF-DT 46 (The CW) Flint
W48AV 48 (ION Television/WPXD-DT1 simulcast) Warren, MI/Detroit
CHCH-TV-2 51 (E! Canada) Strathroy/London (if i can pick this up in windsor, you should have no problem doing so!)
CICO-TV-59 59 (TVOntario) Chatham
W66BV (TBN) Detroit, Approved to move to 47, broadcasts from the Ren Cen
CBLFT-TV-17 68 (CBC French) Oil Springs, Construction Permit to move to 17
CFMT-TV-1 69 (OMNI) London (This one has over a megawatt of power!)

Now, occasionally, you'll get e-skip across the lakes from stations in say, Toledo and Alpena, particularly during the summer (such as WTOL CBS 11 and WNWO NBC 24 in toledo) and WBKB (CBS 11 Alpena).

I'll give you the transition channels for the canadian signals if you want them.

If you want a basic indoor antenna, you'll be reduced to just the detroit signals (with possible dropouts) and the ones from Oil Springs, and MAYBE CFMT-TV-1 on 69. If you have an attic/rooftop antenna, you'll get most of these, and if you want to go all-out with a pre-amp, rotor and directional antenna, you'll get most to all of the stations on the list. Mind you, towers can get expensive, but you'll probably get everything within 120 miles if you have a 40-foot tower. if people in North London can pick up the detroit digital signals year-round (surprised their signals push that far to begin with, but north london's pretty high), i'm sure you can.

You can subtract some of the distance between you and the Detroit stations because of Lake St. Clair. Water is a great reflector of signals, which is why folks in London watch Erie, PA's locals, or how i pick up Toledo's analog signals here in downtown Windsor.
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Wow, thanks for the awesome reply!

Ok well, If towers are expensive(how much roughly?/where to get pricing) I don't think I'd go that route then.

So I'd be looking at either an attic antenna or a rooftop antenna I believe. I did some more research last night through the very details FAQ's posted here and learned some things and have some new questions.

This question is in regards to choosing a UHF antenna or a combo UHF/VHF. If I got with just a UHF and going for the detroit channels I should get all the detroit channels (which are 100% digital right?), the only difference between me doing that or getting a combo would be I would 100% lose out on *ALL* the canadian analog stations in my area (roughly 5 or so channels right?), or is it possible that I would still get some analog stations, I guess the main ones off the top of my head I'd want would be CBC, global and CTV as those are the only BIG networks in my area that are Canadian/analog I think....

If I just go with a UHF antenna would I get better reception of the digital channels in detroit compared to using a combo?

I have a cleared out empty space in my attic that I could technically put an antenna in, but I'm worried about doing it this way as there are some pretty tall trees on my block going mostly from straight West to North/Northeast, looking southish it's not as bad. There would be no direct trees right near my house causing interference but there is about 70-80 feet away across the street. I did buy an indoor amplified antenna for like $25, it's like a no name brand i got from Xcess Cargo and it looks pretty fancy with the circle antenna and 2 really long retractible ones, and when I pull them all the way out the only channel I can even make out is CBC, which could be the one in Sarnia, which scares me big time!!

I guess I will leave it at that for now, but I still have more technical questions regarding what kind of Preamp I could get/ how much and picking an antenna and if I should just buy this stuff all online (cheaper?) or try and find a local shop which I've never seen around here.

Thanks so much this is awesome!
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post #270 of 1395 (permalink) Old 2009-04-28, 07:46 PM
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Red face

@ice pick 69
welcome to the forum,
I live in north London and I have mounted a 4221HD clone antenna in my attic. Now I am about 104 miles from Americian OTA DTV from Detroit Mi, Cleveland Oh, and Erie, PA. I can confirm with my simple set up I have received reception from these places however they are not reliable for serious television watching. Some days I get reception from anywhere 5 mins to 4 hours give or take the weather and conditions.
Ringtailedfox gave an excellent senario of reception that you should get from your location there in Sarnia. Try visiting Tvfool.com and follow the directions to locate just how far the television transmitters are from you and what directions to point your antenna. You could set your antenna from the recent spot you cleared out in your attic to start. I recommend at the very least RG6u type coaxial cable (I picked up about 30m from the local Home Depot for a decent price) and either a Channel Master 4221 HD, or 4228 HD antenna, or any bow type style like those two.
I have a good feeling that you should get Detroit channels pretty good from you location.
Good luck
regards Mark
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