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OTA reception Gore


You simply need a good antenna like the CM4228HD and a strong pre-amp like the CM7777 (30dB gain) and aim that antenna at 145 degrees magnetic.

You don't need a rotor nor rerun your TV Fool.
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I'm having interference only with CBC on my Channel Master recording device even with à filter on my antenna, when i'm Watching live no problem signal And qualité is 100 percent does anyone else gave the same problem.
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Prevost, Quebec

I have cut the Fibe from Bell Fibe TV and consider installing a CM4228HD in a tower that would be 30 - 35 feet above the ground and I was wondering if my antenna choice would be good for me.

Here is my TVFool results; TV Fool

I have IPTV but I want something more stable and the installation will also be used for FM Radio reception with a dedicated antenna (Omni-directional)

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Hello all!

After recently buying a new house I've been very excited to buy an antenna and get setup for OTA. So far I purchased this bay style antenna from prime cables to test the waters. https://www.primecables.ca/p-356275-...or-both-vhfuhf

I was basically getting all of the channels in the Montreal region no problem with the antenna sitting out on my balcony. Since then I have moved the antenna to my attic and have seen no new channels except for "City" which was slightly disappointing. I plan to buy a mast of some sort and mount it to my roof in the spring however I am afraid of the possibility of creating a pathway for water to leak into my attic. I found an Ottawa based company called save and replay that sells equipment for roof mounting. Are there any better/cheaper local alternatives in Montreal? Also wondering what would be an ideal roof mounting solution. Unfortunately I have a fairly tall and wide tree in my backyard more or less directly in the path on my antenna and I am not sure how to tackle this problem!

My big question to all of you is what steps should I take to try and improve the likelihood of picking up most of the american channels? Does my antenna suck and should I purchase a bigger multi bay antenna such as the CM-4228HD? From a lot of reading here I also think the purchase of a preamp could possibly help. I have a 100 ft cable run from my antenna directly down to my TV. I am assuming a CM 7778 would be the recommendation here? I am also wondering if there is a way to know exactly what angle to orient my antenna towards?

Here is my report from TVfool: TV Fool

Thank you all so much. Any and all help is greatly appreciated!

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@ItsMyst ...........looking at your tvfool but not living in your area, I would recommend.........

--- a 91XG uhf antenna combined with the stellar labs vhf deep fringe 30-2476 you would need a uhf/vhf combiner to combine the signals.

--- not the cm7778 amp I think you would get overload cause your locals are only 10 miles from you.I would go with no amp or maybe the LNA 200 amp if you had to add one.

--a rotor if turning to US stations is needed

-- get that 91XG as high as you can............

just my 2 cents............
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Ok so what your saying is that I'd basically need two separate antenna's in order to pull in from both my local channels as well as the US channels? It wouldn't necessarily be reasonable to expect that one antenna pointed towards the US channels would also end up picking up the local stuff anyway because of close proximity?

In regards to the preamp my main concern was that from what I've been reading it seems that anything over 50 ft cable run is considered long and I've got 100 ft!

Also if I've got two antennas is there really a need for a rotor?

I've got a house near me with a dinky looking antenna mounted fairly high on a roof tripod. I should knock on his door and ask him what he picks up and what his setup is!


Edit: I should add that upon closer inspection I'm not even actually getting ALL of the green channels listed on my TV Fool. I'm only getting a total of 9 channels, two of which are the same channel just in HD and SD. So really it's a total of 8 unique channels. I'm getting all of the green channels listed except for CFTU (29) and CFHD (47). Of course I'm not getting ANYTHING in the red or grey zones either.

I tried re scanning a few times and nothing additional popped up. I thought that maybe the tree in my backyard was causing some signal loss but seeing as the leaves have all fallen off the tree at this point and I'm not seeing any new channels maybe it isn't as much of a factor? Admittedly today isn't the best weather and it's snowing outside. Maybe I should scan for channels on a clearer day.

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Smile OTA Receptio RDP


You do not need two antennas nor a rotor.

Simply go with an 8 bay antenna like the CM4228HD pointed at 170 degrees magnetic to get some American channels an the Montreal ones.

As for a pre-amplifier, I would use a low gain (around 12 dB) or a distro-amp because of the TQ transmitter being only 6 miles from your home.

Forget what DetroitTVFAN wrote and his 2 cents, we dont use cents anymore
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Thanks for info.

Once winter is over I'll try mounting my current antenna on the roof pointed at 170 degress magnetic as you suggest. If I'm still not getting any of the American stuff then I can look into buying either a pre-amp or the CM4228HD. Between the CM4228HD and pre-amp which do you see making the biggest difference? Which should I try buying first?

Do you have any specific suggestions for a 12 dB pre-amp, preferably something on amazon so I can return it if it doesn't end up working. As far as a roof tripod and mast is concerned do you know of anywhere in Montreal/Laval area that would carry this or am I better off at someplace like Home Depot?

Thank you again!
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Question Newbie at OTA on northshore of MTL Canada


My father bought an antenna and a signal amplifier since he wants to try OTA HDTV but we are having problems with setting it up.

The antenna is a ViewTV WA-2708B (he picked that one because it is the one which stated the longest range), the amplifier is a Channel Master CM 3414 and the TV is a Panasonic Viera HDTV plasma TC-P50X1.

The house has 2 floors and an attic (where the plan is to put the antenna in).

We are testing the antenna from the 1st and 2nd floor but it seems that a variation of 1 inch varies the number of channels detected by 2 to 3. We are testing near large windows.

I have a few questions about this:

- If on the 1st floor we get 4 channels, on the 2nd floor we get 6 channels (both next to windows). In an attic with no windows what are the odds of getting any reception?
- Is there a device (rentable hopefully) that would allow me to know the signal strength of the antenna without rescanning the channels on the TV on the 1st floor?
- I entered the house's address in TV Fool (TV Fool) and it says we should get like 10 channels. Is our equipment good enough to get the channels in yellow and red?
- I noticed on the "antenna-chart-ver9.1.pdf" file that there are different signal amplifier from Channel Master. Is there a big difference between them?

Thanks you for your time
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I agree with Bouval!

Let me ask you... when you have mounted the antenna in your attic, did you point your antenna to Mt Mansfield (VT)? If so, did you pick up any US channels?

The best would be to use a laptop + USB TV tuner hooked up to your antenna to see what you are picking up. The pre-amp will help because of the 100' of coax but don't go with a power house pre-amp because you might saturate your tv tuner. Maybe RCA pre-amp or the JUICE pre-amp from antenna direct could be good. The pre-amp is to overcome the signal lose in the cable run, it will not make "new" TV channels appear by magic. A Good pre-amp has a low noise floor.

To be honest, Mt Royal is seriously blocking your LOS to the US stations (that explains why you have those US stations in the red) so try to get your antenna as high as possible.

The CM4228HD is a very good antenna (high gain) but... high gain is not necessarily always the best. Low gain antenna (CM4221) has a broad beam so you won't need to use a rotor to pick up the US signal.

so try again in the attic + pre-amp and see what you can pick up. If you don't have usb tuner, try it with a small tv if possible in the attic. Wait this spring to install it on the roof and if still nothing, try a 8 bay antenna like cm4228.
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Hi Rwave,

I pointed my antenna in the general direction towards Vermont. Honestly I could easily be a good 30 degrees off as I didn't use a compass and ended up resting the antenna along a truss that was vaguely pointing in the right direction rather than creating a makeshift mount to better aim it. I figured it was temporary but thinking about it now it could be a big reason as to why I'm not picking ANYTHING up.

I'll check out both the RCA and JUICE pre-amps.

When looking at google maps it doesn't look like Mt Royal is in my LOS. Sure it's close but I don't know enough about radio waves and propagation to know that it would effect the signal. I really hope that it's not too big a factor in stopping me from picking up the american channels!

I don't have a USB tuner card or a small TV either. Is the point to just be able to test the antenna placement quickly and easily without having to constantly go up and down my attic after every readjustment and check to see if I pick up any other channels? If so then I think I'll just wait until the spring and do the fine tuning then. I've got to go in my attic soon to install some in-ceiling speakers in my kitchen so I'll make sure to have the pre-amp ready to go and a compass so I can at least aim the antenna in the correct orientation. It would be nice to see if at that point I'd get something!

Thanks again for all the helpful advice!
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Happy new year to all!

Yes, the USB tuner stick is simply to avoid going up and down or not having to ask the wife to monitor the TV during your adjustments in the attic. From my experience, moving the antenna a few feet in the attic made a big difference in reception (was getting more or less signal drops on TQ). Once I moved it away from a trust that was facing the antenna, that made a big difference.

I use the Kitztech KT-200 KT-200 TV Booster for pre-amp. This made a big difference compared to my other one LNA-200 from Winegard. By the way, lna-200 was not bad but the lower noise floor on the kitztech made a difference. I'm a little hesitant to recommend you the kt-200 because you might end up spending $$$ and not seeing any difference. First thing is to get the "sweet spot" for optimal signal in the attic b4 checking for the pre-amp. For me, the pre-amp helped for WFFF (Fox rf 43) and ABC (Rf 13)....but I was able to receive those stations without the pre-amp (when plugged directly antenna to usb stick).

IMG_20170617_1425375_zpsbp7utglm.jpg Photo by Robert_Grlic | Photobucket

good luck!

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Forgot to tell you.... if you decide to install a pre-amp, make sure your splitters (if any) are power pass. If you have X amount of TV splitters between your power injector and your antenna (pre-amp mounted close to the antenna), if they are not power pass, the current will not reach the pre-amp, thus transforming your pre-amp into a brick (attenuator) and you will only receive the most powerful channels like CBC/Radio-Canada. You can find power pass splitters at homedepot and I saw some in Canadian Tire.
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Antenna setup advice

Hi everybody,

My location is in Laval, north of Montreal, and I'm trying to get american channels (CBS, NBC, FOX and maybe even ABC if it's possible). After reading the forums about other users experiences and possible setups, I think that a good setup for me would be a CM-4228HD with a CM-7777/CM-7778 pre-amplifier. Here is my TV Fool:

Also, I want to mention that I'll need to split the signal between 2 tv's.

What do you think, do you recommend another antenna with a longer range (for US channels) and also what about the pre-amp (would the CM-7777 be too much, would I be safer with the CM-7778)?

Thank you!

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Antenna mast ?

Hi all,

Do you have any ideas where i can find an antenna mast in Montreal area ? Or anything else that could replace a mast (i cannot install my antenna on the roof).
The only one i found was at La Source ($120 for a 25 feet), so i'm trying to find something cheaper.

Thank you
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montreal , pbs

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