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Brian, use the Search This Thread tool to the upper right beside Thread Tools and put in your neighbourhood name or local street names as search terms, and if there are results already posted from where you live you can compare. Try WVNY as your search term too.
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in many areas its too weak to rely on

where I am in the west island its an easy one with 4 bay bow-tie, carefully aimed, and elevated

just depends on location and a million other factors of course
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since WVNY broadcasts on VHF, you need to upgrade your GH with NARODs. Using TVfool's coverage maps (on the right side of the page), compare your location to mine (use postal code in my signature, at 25 ft antenna height). You will see that I'm in a purple area (the weakest before no coverage). If you get similar coverage for WVNY, you should definitely give it a try. Before using a DBGH with NARODs, I tried with a DB-8 and got all the Mt. Mansfield channels except WVNY. At my location, the DBGH picks up WVNY very strongly (above 90%).

... and keep us posted!
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Thanks for all the responses. After searching the forum quite a bit about Montreal and my area in particular, I've come to the conclusion that I'll have to try the NARODs to be sure. A lot of different results out there.

I looked at your TVFool results, and unfortunately my numbers are a lot worse than yours. My NM is around -20 on WVNY - you were well above 0dB. I am however consistently picking up all the other stations from that transmitter even though some have much worse results on TVFool (-26 for WFFF). Unfortunately my LOS is being impeded slightly by the western most part of Mt. Royal.

Looks like I have another project to look forward to. I'll be sure to post my results back.

Thanks again.
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Good luck with the narods!

Let me know how that works out for you, I'm on the same quest!

I was thinking about installing an outdoor antenna but cannot access the roof.
Do you guys think that if I mount a DB2 or DB4 from antennas direct outside a second floor window that roughly faces sw that I'd have a better chance getting wvny? Will it help with fox? I can get fox indoors but the antenna placement has to be exact and also a bit higher than the other channels so it ends up bring choppy even though the signal is about 40%.

Any advice is appreciated, thanks!
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Xfool, from St-Henri point your antenna SSE for Mt Mansfield.
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Ville Emard

I just picked up a Philips PHDTV3 and it has made a great improvement in what I can pick up. I can finally pick up WCAX and WPTZ along with both PBS stations plus the local CBC French and English very cleanly when compared to my old rabbit ears with the standard UHF loop. No luck with ABC/WVNY or FOX/CW yet but I'm really enjoying what I'm able to pick up and really haven't played around with the position of the antenna yet.

I'm really new to this and it's really a blast to see what is available for free OTA. The thing I find really strange is that I can pick up US stations with much better results than I get with Canadian channels like CBC which is pretty weird. For example I can't pick up V on 42.1 at all and it's a local station while all four channel 57 feeds, three channel 33 feeds and both CBS and NBC are crystal clear.

And it's really sad that CTV hasn't set up a HD broadcast here in Montreal, especially with all the advertisements about how bad the local networks are doing.

But overall, high def is amazing and I'm really glad that I took the step up!

PS: By the way...I live in a first floor apartment facing SSW so I'm limited to an indoor antenna and unable to install a dish and unwilling to give Videotron my money. So OTA is really a lifesaver for me. If I can manage to pull in Fox and ABC, I'll be in heaven! LOL

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Lightbulb QC - Island of Montreal (Central areas) & Nuns' Island - OTA

Hey guys I bougth a cm4228 mounted 10 feet above my house and Im using windows 7 media center with an ati 650 tuner

I get very good atsc

i get a good signal at

yet the image seams to cut in and out and is pixelated. I was catching it well,than i adjusted the antenna a bit more west to catch analog 46, it was working fine the whole day and the next day, the image went to crap, signal is still very good though.

I dont catch 57.1 57.2 57.3 anybody got any suggestions, would i need a preamp, maybe a second antenna? I live in the about 5km away from the olympic stadium, could it be affectimg my signal?

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I would suggest you look at something like the Channel Master 3410, or 3412
I use the 3412, and it really helps in stabilizing the signal.
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Your not the first person to suggest this, so my problem is not the lack of signal but the refraction of the signal by interference which is causing an unstable picture which is supposed to be improved by getting a 3410, or 3412. Am i getting this right?

At the same time will either of these two you mention help to catch more channels? I can get other channels but their signals are weak so i dont get an image. I know it probably wont but i figured id ask anwyays.
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The Channel Master 3410 and 3412 offer a db gain, the second one even acts as a splitter. What I have found is that these units seem to handle picture break up very well. I use to have constant problems when I was using the GE amp. Any drop in signal strength would lead to both audio and video break up. Since using the 3412, all of that has stopped. Especially with WFFF-DT.
So, for that reason I suggested that you look at those units.

If you're not sure about them, try and buy them someplace where you can return them if you're not happy.

As for getting more channels with it. I doubt it. WVNY-DT is a problem for most people in Montreal. Then comes WFFF-DT. WCFE-DT is relatively easy to get for people west of the mountain.
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Thanks for clarifying everything. Im going to try th cm3412

Thansk for your help
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hey bobrock, thanks for the reply...

I'm totally getting the correct cbs station.. remapping to 3.1

My issue though, is that 22.1 should be ABC, yet, i'm still getting the cbs channel instead. So basically, i'm getting cbs on both 3.1 and 22.1 According to this chart, abc (WVNY) is supposed to remap to 22.1
2.1 19.1 CBFT-DT SRC Montréal, QC
3.1 53.1 WCAX-DT CBS Burlington, VT
3.2 53.2 WCAX-DT WCAXtra Burlington, VT
5.1 14.1 WPTZ-DT NBC Burlington, VT
5.2 14.2 WPTZ-DT Wthr+ Burlington, VT
6.1 20.1 CBMT-DT CBC Montréal, QC
17.1 27.1 CIVM-DT TQ Montréal, QC
18.1 23.1 WNPI-DT PBS-SD Norwood, NY
18.2 23.2 WNPI-DT THINK Norwood, NY
18.3 23.3 WNPI-DT PBS-HD Norwood, NY
22.1 13.1 WVNY-DT ABC Burlington, VT
22.2 13.2 WVNY-DT ABC Burlington, VT
33.1 32.1 WETK-DT PBS-HD Burlington, VT
33.2 32.2 WETK-DT PBS-SD Burlington, VT
33.3 32.3 WETK-DT CREATE Burlington, VT
33.4 32.4 WETK-DT WORLD Burlington, VT
35.1 42.1 CFJP-DT TQS Montréal, QC
44.1 43.1 WFFF-DT FOX Burlington, VT
44.2 43.2 WFFF-DT CW Burlington, VT
57.1 38.1 WCFE-DT PBS-HD Plattsburgh, NY
57.2 38.2 WCFE-DT PBS-SD Plattsburgh, NY
57.3 38.3 WCFE-DT THINK Plattsburgh, NY

If anybody's got any idea what's going on, let me know. I've read that WVNY is difficult to get, but i'm just getting weirded out that i'm getting a prefectly clear channel on 22.1, exept, it's (cbs) wcax and not abc (wvny)
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Ok so you scanned the channels and get 22.1 but its cbs something is not right with the tuner software

if you tune to channel 22 then it will get remaped to 3.1 and that is cbs .... thats ok ....
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Originally Posted by squinty View Post
3.1 53.1 WCAX-DT CBS Burlington, VT
3.2 53.2 WCAX-DT WCAXtra Burlington, VT
22.1 13.1 WVNY-DT ABC Burlington, VT
22.2 13.2 WVNY-DT ABC Burlington, VT
If anybody's got any idea what's going on, let me know.
I have a very good idea whats going on. That WCAX real ch53 is wrong.
WCAX-DT(wikipedia) was on real ch53 before the final june 2009 switch over. It's now virtual 3.1, real ch22.
You have 22.1 virtual, real ch13 as ABC and thats correct. But your tuner is probably mixing the two since it can't tune WCAX-DT on ch53 anymore. There is only one 22.1 subchannel, not two.

I suggest you delete everything and rescan. Lol Something is mixed up big time and you'll waste more time trying to fix it than rescanning your channels from scratch.


Ps: Please add your location in your profile, so we know where you are located.

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