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post #1441 of 2231 (permalink) Old 2012-03-13, 06:21 PM
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No change in Global here, it is coming in at 17.5 dB right now, it varies from 15-20 dB for me. Anything below 15 dB I start to see drop outs in the picture as well as the sound.

CM4221HD + CM7777 Preamp
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Location: Orleans(10th/Innes) 8-Bay in Attic, No Amp.
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Ok, Thanks jihenry.
I guess something happened in the area on Monday to allow signal through. I'm almost LOS through the siding but who knows. Now that we have GTN, I am on the verge of getting the family to cut the cord.
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post #1443 of 2231 (permalink) Old 2012-03-18, 12:34 AM
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Getting Montreal

I did a scan tonight to see if I could get a sniff of PBS (I never have). I was surprised to find CBFT on 2.1 (rf 19). CBFT is SRC Montreal. The signal was in and out. This is with a CM 4221 mounted low on the roof. Near 417/416.
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Ottawa, Ontario: Hunt Club Road & Conroy Road intersection. General Question?


Iím a newbie to this antenna business, so if it appears like I donít know how all this OTA tv antenna stuff works thatís why.

Also, Iím not that good at working this forum stuff. I had trouble just posting this question.

I would like to install an antenna at my condominium. Iíve read some information online but I figure it canít hurt to ask a pro to help me out.

I liked the following link http://www.hdtvprimer.com/ANTENNAS/siting.html because of the easier to understand images/drawings.

I got this Winegard HD7078P recommendation from the following link OTA Antenna Chart/Tableau des Meilleures Antennes OTA - 17/05/2014

And this if my TV Fool report link http://www.tvfool.com/?option=com_wr...0b8621e4d0212c

Iím at the intersection of Hunt Club Road and Conroy Road in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada (Postal Code K1G-5P6).

If you need to see a picture of these 3 story Terrace Homes youíll have to go to Google.maps.ca and have a look from there because Iím having trouble uploading the photos from my camera to photobucket.com.

Is there a relatively easy way to get someone over to my place and have them go up onto the roof and take some sort of reading on what the best

1) type of antenna for me?
2) size of antenna for me? (smaller is better)
3) and acceptable location on the roof to get the best signal?
4) Any other type of equipment that may be required, (like amplifiers, filters, motors, special cable)?

Because Iím in a Condominium Complex I need permission to put up an antenna, so I would like whatever antenna thatís recommended to go on the Western side of the roof, positioned in such a way as to conceal it from view from the most likely places that it may be seen from.

1) For example, if youíre driving into the Briston Private condo complex you canít see it.
2) If youíre walking/bicycling along the bicycle path you canít see it.
3) If youíre one of my neighbors in the apartment block behind us hopefully it wonít be Too Noticeable.

I figure if the antenna isn't too big if I could get it installed on the roof relatively close the the eaves troughs, so that it doesn't leave a big silhouette up in the sky.

Even if I only get the local stations here Iíll consider this a success, to me local means CBC, CJOH, CTV2, Global? maybe, City Tv maybe?,

I almost forgot, if this antenna could pick up FM radio stations that would be a nice bonus.

Thank you,
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Welcome to the forum.

Is an attic installation possible? Would it be less stressful if your antenna was not outside?

If you have a choice between a poorly-placed/concealed small outdoor antenna, or a mammouth top-of-the-line antenna in your attic aimed properly, you might be better off with an attic installation.

I'm not in Ottawa, but so others will overrule me if I'm wrong.

Global on rf6 is your biggest challenge. There is hope it will change to a better frequency someday.

If going for an attic installation I might go with a combination of a Channel Master 4228hd with a pre-amp such as a Channel Master 7778 and a VHF antenna that can adequately pull in rf6 - such as the Antennacraft 5y-2-6. It would probably help with FM somewhat too.

Anyway, if you could proudly display a large antenna outside, you would have a good chance of getting up to six PBS channels (including subchannels), but it doesn't sound like this is possible.

Consider the attic. I'm sure there's a way to get rock-solid local reception in the attic.

OTA, HD7697P, CM7778, Rotator, CM3218, TiVo, HDHomeRun
Apple TV, Netflix, Teksavvy, Unblock-us, Wind, MagicJack
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post #1446 of 2231 (permalink) Old 2012-03-25, 08:49 AM
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fq283 - try testing the antenna on the 2nd floor of your house. First point the antenna at Camp Fortune and see how many channels you get, then point at Herbert's Corners and try it again. (Hopefully, you don't have aluminium siding)

Hopefully, you will be able to receive most, if not all of the locals, with an attic install. I suspect you will have better luck point towards HC, and receiving the CF stations off the backside, but try it out. Global shouldn't be a problem for you like it is in Orleans.
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post #1447 of 2231 (permalink) Old 2012-03-25, 09:22 AM
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I doubt that he would be able to pick up pbs from his location, they are at the bottom of a hill to the south of his location. If you would like to try a small wall mounted, indoor type antenna first you can call me and borrow mine (with deposite), I am only 5 minutes away from you. email me directly at dude9550 at yahoo dot ca if you want to.

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post #1448 of 2231 (permalink) Old 2012-03-26, 10:30 AM
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Still trying to get best reception

I use to have a CM4221 on the roof and replaced it with a CM4228 (8 bay) antenna. The CM4228 is hard to get signals off the back. Any suggestions?

Presently I'm pointing south or halfway between Camp Fortunre and Herberts Corner. The signal on Global is weak (although I have splitted the signal twice indoors and brought it to three televeision sets. (over 80 feet of coax).

As per my TVfool results, what would be the best position for the antenna?


Thank you
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post #1449 of 2231 (permalink) Old 2012-03-26, 10:50 AM
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AnalogMig, I also had problems with off the back reception with my 4228hd for CF channels when I was pointing south to get US channels. I use a cm7777 at the antenna, and now a VHF antenna with it's own different preamp in the attic for channels 2-13. What I did for UHF was to turn my 4228hd between CF and HC, a bit closer to CF. I had to abandon the US channels for the time being. See my profile homepage for my TVFool.

EDIT: i had these problems only on the newer post-transition channels...
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post #1450 of 2231 (permalink) Old 2012-03-26, 04:11 PM
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Location: Ottawa (Stittsville), ON, OTA (DB4e & VHF-HI folded dipole, AP-2870 pre-amp in Attic), MythTV HTPC
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AnalogMig, Global is on VHF-LO, which the CM-4228 does not receive very well at all, so you will need a VHF antenna.

Are you able to receive any American stations? Your best shot would likely be WCFE, since WNPI is adjacent to CHCH, which is blasting in at -34.8dBm and only 14 degrees separates them. WNYF-LD is similarly adjacent to CITY. To receive WCFE, I would point your antenna towards it, or possibly even slightly to the east of it.

If not, I would recommend a small VHF/FM/UHF combo antenna pointed towards CF and forget about trying to get PBS.

Link to my TVFool results is in my profile Homepage URL. I suggest others do the same.
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post #1451 of 2231 (permalink) Old 2012-03-27, 10:31 AM
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Antenna setup

Thanks for the advice people.

I went on the roof last night and setup the following:

CM4228 (8 bay antenna) pointing slightly to the right of HC (Herbert's Corner)
CM4220 (2 bay antenna) pointing to Camp fortune.

CM7777 - flipped the internal amp switch from Combined to two antennas (UHF and VHF) and connected CM4220 to VHF feed and CM4228 to UHF feed.

The results are really good. 97% on most local channels except 34-1 and 40-1 which are at 50-60%. Global is coming in at 80%+. The PBS channels are not coming in but I am getting weak signals in the 20% range – not enough to watch.

I have these antennas connected to 3 television sets and I'm running well over 100 feet of coax.

High winds made me drop and lose a wrench. It fell in the gutter and I just did not have the guts to crawl to the edge of the roof and retrieve it.

Last edited by AnalogMig; 2012-03-27 at 10:33 AM. Reason: more details
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Location: Ottawa (Stittsville), ON, OTA (DB4e & VHF-HI folded dipole, AP-2870 pre-amp in Attic), MythTV HTPC
Posts: 6,248
AnalogMig, glad you got things working. In this configuration, you are receiving the CF UHF broadcasts off of the back of the CM4228 and using the CM4220 as a VHF antenna (which it is very poor at, but the fact that it is pointing towards CF is probably making up for it). I figured PBS would be tough for you to receive.

If things continue to work reliably and you don't want to touch it, I don't blame you. Some options if things aren't reliable are:
  • point your CM4228 towards CF and remove the CM4220 (setting the CM7777 back to combined), this will strengthen 34 and 40, but will weaken some of the HC broadcasts,
  • Keep your CM4228 as is and replace your CM4220 with a VHF antenna to improve Global, or
  • replace both antennas with a small VHF/FM/UHF antenna (maybe an AntennaCraft 5884 or equivalent) pointed to CF or slightly more to the west (since CF and HC are close to 180 degrees apart and the 5884 has a small FB ratio).

You can probably sell any antennas you don't need anymore (the 4220 is a good indoor antenna and the 4228 is good for those who want to take a shot at the US broadcasts).

Link to my TVFool results is in my profile Homepage URL. I suggest others do the same.
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DHC OTA Members Meet: Ottawa and Area

Discussions about a third DHC OTA Members Meet: Kanata and Area are starting in the meeting thread here: DHC OTA Members Meet: Kanata and Area

If you are interested in attending a meeting of OTA enthusiats in Ottawa, head over to that forum and join in the discussion!

Please respond only in that thread if you are interested in the event.

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post #1454 of 2231 (permalink) Old 2012-04-01, 12:38 PM
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Has anyone tried a 3-antenna strategy of:

(1) UHF antenna pointed toward CF, filtered for channels 30-40 only (my weak ones)
(2) UHF antenna pointed toward HC (catches strong CBC & TVO signals off the backside)
(3) VHF pointed toward CF

Due to all the downtown signal bounce & multipath, I still do not have all the channels from either location using a single CM4228HD. During the coldest winter days, several channels were cutting out, and others are mutually exclusive (e.g. CityTV trades off with CHCH/CJOH depending on my angle of adjustment)

Implementing a two-antenna VHF+UHF strategy appears straightforward with the CM7777. However, I'm curious if there is a multi-channel equivalent of the discontinued CM Join-Tenna that could be used to fold in UHF channels 30-40 from HC. (I can receive CBC without problem). I'd love to find a way of doing this without the usual antenna combination problems.



p.s. maybe this gets to a deeper question: why did CM discontinue the Join-Tenna product line? Is there something unattractive about them?
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post #1455 of 2231 (permalink) Old 2012-04-01, 05:45 PM
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Location: Ottawa (Stittsville), ON, OTA (DB4e & VHF-HI folded dipole, AP-2870 pre-amp in Attic), MythTV HTPC
Posts: 6,248
millergd, that would certainly be possible, but the tough part is finding a signal injector for channels 30-40. It would need to be designed to not interfere with channels 27 and 42. Tinlee could likely make such a beast, but my guess it it would cost a couple hundred dollars.

As for why the JoinTenna was discontinued, I would guess it was purely lack of demand with fewer and fewer people using multi-antenna rigs. Some models are still available from the PCT store.

Link to my TVFool results is in my profile Homepage URL. I suggest others do the same.
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antenna , dtv , installation , ota , samsung , screenshot

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