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post #1036 of 1326 (permalink) Old 2012-06-08, 09:10 PM
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So I spoke too soon and must have jinxed it.

Since I posted the CHCH was coming in strong earlier this week, it disappeared and now I get "No Signal" and Fox is now fading in & out.

What happened this week that changed the signals?
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post #1037 of 1326 (permalink) Old 2012-06-10, 04:40 PM
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Winegard 269 vs CM7777

Which is a better pre-amp to use, the winegard 269 or the CM777??
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post #1038 of 1326 (permalink) Old 2012-06-10, 04:42 PM
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For you, the 269. The 7777 is for people living great distances from transmitters. You are way too close and a 7777 would cause more problems than it would solve.

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post #1039 of 1326 (permalink) Old 2012-06-20, 10:10 AM
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Burlington: Guelph Line and Upper Middle Road

New poster here, first post.

I'm contemplating an OTA TV antenna installation in Burlington. The location is about 1 km SW of Guelph Line and Upper Middle Road.

This would be a rooftop installation, mounted on a tripod on the roof of a single story house. I figured on mounting the antennas on a ten foot steel pole mounted to the tripod.

My thinking so far (based on thinking about this for about a day) involved using two two Channelmaster 4221HD antennas -- One aligned in the Toronto direction, and one in the best compromise alignment I can get for the Buffalo stations.

I would appreciate commentary from other people about how well they think this would work. I would be particularly interested in thoughts about two alternative approaches for wiring the two antennas - either wire both of them to a splitter on the mast with a single length of RG6 to the TV, or run two separate lengths of RG6 down to the TV (one for each antenna), with a switch to select between the Buffalo antenna and the Toronto one.

Also, a question. In the antenna decision chart, the entry for the Channelmaster 4221HD also says "modified". What does this mean?

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post #1040 of 1326 (permalink) Old 2012-06-20, 12:38 PM
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Cableredneck , I live in mississauga and use DB4 with 7777 amplifier , and have no problems. I tried 269 amp but it was not enough to get some of the channels.Also with this antenna rotator is not required in my area .
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post #1041 of 1326 (permalink) Old 2012-07-06, 11:13 PM
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I was getting a signal from all the channels I can get (rare to get all of them), so I did a re-scan and managed to pick up WKBW 7-1 for the first time ever. Except now that I'm finished my post, it's gone.
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post #1042 of 1326 (permalink) Old 2012-07-07, 12:01 AM
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Voodoo, did you get that setup yet?
2 x 4221 hd is my prefered setup for south missisaga to burlington.
(remove plastic caps, flip baluns, make it all staight and tight. they're usually lose and bent out of the box.) (or you could us 2 x DB-4e)
Combine with splitter on the mast. Use a preamp if you have a long cable run or you're splitting to multiple tv's
10ft pole is a little much for average tripod. I like the 7'6" x 1-1/2 fence post from Lowes or HD. I have done a 10ft x 1-1/4 conduit on a tripod, but i supported the trpod adding joists in the attc and added bolts to attach tripod legs to ft. (the rivets are the week point. Ground the mast and the coax.
on the other had, i did a couple installs using a C2 with 7777 pre-amp on 39" j-mount in burlington. worked pretty good.

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post #1043 of 1326 (permalink) Old 2012-07-12, 09:54 AM
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Burlington lakeshore

Hey guys , new here, glad I found the forum, alot of help here.
I was wondering though ,
Currenty I am living in a apt on 3rd floo with balcony facing the lake around Brant street pearl area.
Was wondering what has worked well for people in this area, any insight would be great.
I don't necessarily want to spend a lot of money, but I don't want to chince out either.

(right now I have a tivax converter and a cheap antenna I borrowed and can only get 5 channels)
I am more interested in the buffalo channels as I see people have said that have gotten CW and ABC.

Thanks alot in advance,
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post #1044 of 1326 (permalink) Old 2012-07-12, 11:42 AM
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We have an Antennas Direct DB4e aimed at Buffalo. We were only interested in Buffalo, as our satellite service carries Detroit and Rochester. We are reciveing CW, CBS, ABC, PBS, sometimes NBC, MY TV. (also we get some of the Toronto channels) Fox does not come in.
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post #1045 of 1326 (permalink) Old 2012-07-29, 08:17 PM
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looking to upgrade ota setup

I was hoping you guys could help me upgrade my ota setup.

I'm located between Milton and Guelph (here's my tvfool analysis).

There was already an antenna set up on a tower when we moved here in 2005, but I only started using it two years ago (pictures: antenna + tower, close-up of antenna). I don't know what kind it is and I'm quite a newbie with this stuff. With that antenna I can pick up CTV, CBC, CBC french, TVO always - CHCH almost always - Global very often - CW often - CITS not very often - OMNI1/2, CITYTV rarely. However, ever since the severe thunderstorm late July 25 my reception has become worse and I'd also like to improve reception of the rare channels.

I've downloaded the antenna chart and was wondering what you guys suggest I buy.
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post #1046 of 1326 (permalink) Old 2012-07-30, 09:17 PM
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Location: Burlington, Ontario. Downtown near Brant and Victoria
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Burlington, downtown near Brant and Victoria.

First post!

I'm having trouble.

My TVFool: http://www.tvfool.com/?option=com_wr...990077ba7b53b1

Bell Expressvu raised my rate, so I phoned and cancelled. The wife & kids are pissed. You people may be able to save my marriage! Help!

I ran out this weekend and bought:
- a Channel Master chimney mount kit
- Antennasdirect DB8 antenna
- Channel Master Titan2 7777 pre-amp
- a bunch of RG6
- a stripping tool
- a crimping tool
- a dozen male ends
- a couple of joiners
- a bunch of #8 grounding wire
- a grounding block
- a six foot copper pipe
- I already have a compass (geologist)
- electrical tape
- doohickies to fasten cable down
- a bottle of whiskey

Antenna is up at least 30 feet above ground level. My house is the highest on the street. I like it that way. I can look down on everyone from my high horse. It's above everyone's rooftops, but there are some big trees about a hundred metres away. I didn't think they'd have too much effect, not too thick.

I ran the cable that came in the box with the CM-7777 from the antenna, six feet down to the pre-amp. Then ran about 30 feet of RG6 from the pre-amp through a pre-existing hole into my basement furnace room. That goes through a ground block (with #8 groundwire to the house ground nearby), then into the proper port of the CM-7777 power supply. The CM-7777 power supply also has RG6 coming into the proper port from the AC adapter, and RG6 leaving it "to TV" from the proper port. That RG6 then leaves the basement through another, pre-existing hole, where I put a male end on it so I can attach and detach from the existing RG6 currently supplying The Devil's satellite TV. This way I can test the antenna while the wife and kids are pre-occupied rubbing candy and chocolate into the furniture, and return the TV to Satan-Mode when they're finished. The pre-existing run of RG6 which Bell so kindly wrapped around the outside of my house to the back room is maybe around 50 feet. (Antenna mast is grounded straight down to the pipe).

Total RG6 is around 100 feet.
Total connections are 4 (CM-7777, ground block, CM-7777 power supply, female-female connector).

If I can get confidence that this will work, I will gang in a second AD-DB8 pointed toward Toronto, and add a splitter to the second TV (possibly a distribution amp).

So far it's not going well. I've done plenty of RG45 crimping and punch-downs for computer networks, so I figured I'd be competent enough to do my own RG6. The guy at the shop gave me a quick tutorial and sold me some waterproof ends which he said "will never come off!" When I got home I gave the end he did for me as an example a tug and it came right off.

My goal is to get the major networks in my TVFool down to CTV at 5.0 NM(db). However, my results suck.

With the antenna pointed at 126 degrees, toward the Buffalo cluster, I only get real channels:

With the antenna at 126, and bypassing the CM-7777 power supply in the basement, I only get real channels (different day, better weather):

With the antenna pointing 44 degrees toward Toronto, I only get real channels:

With the antenna pointing 44, and bypassing the CM-7777 power supply in the basement, I only get real channel:

The tuner is in my LG Plasma TV, manufactured in July, 2009. Model No. 42PQ12-UD. It does detect a bunch of other channels, but the reception isn't watchable and it doesn't give a signal percent, just "Bad", "Normal", and "Good". "Good" is the only working picture/sound. My mancave TV in the basement is circa 2005. If I can get the reception to work, I'll be building some sort of HTPCs, so hopefully that will improve the tuner chipset situation, and in turn, my love-life.

I'm shocked at the suckage, especially when pointed at Toronto only 30 miles away. I blame the government and big business. And maybe my total lack of OTA skillz.

I've basically boasted to all my friends, relatives, neighbours, and colleagues at work about how I'm going to stick it to The Man. I'm no expert, and only know what I've read here over the last few days. Any advice would be very much appreciated. I'll probably be looking to hire a pro shortly, which would complete my emasculation.
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post #1047 of 1326 (permalink) Old 2012-07-31, 05:01 PM
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My first guess might be that either you don't really need the preamp, or the condos downtown are getting in your way of signals...or the trees even. Judging from the somewhat better results without the preamp pointed at buffalo, you could very well be overloading..

The good news is, your wife & kids are probably about to send you packing, get yourself a nice apt in Burlington Towers facing the lake and you'll get some great reception
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post #1048 of 1326 (permalink) Old 2012-07-31, 10:58 PM
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Agreed. My vote is with overload as well. The 7777 is really meant for fringe conditions. Adding extra antennas and adding yet another amp (distribution amp) is probably not going to be the solution to your problems.

Try other variations on your setup without resorting to more amplification. Consider a milder pre-amp.

Best of luck with your family!

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post #1049 of 1326 (permalink) Old 2012-08-01, 10:45 PM
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maybe a smaller antenna?


Geologist eh? Cool.

Have you considered putting together a Stealth Hawk to feed the CM7777? The Hawk is a lower gain antenna, and might be better suited to your location. I made one, and used a less aggressive preamp on it. We pull in 2 (summer only), 4, 5, 7, 9, 11, 17, 19, 23, 25 (French), 29, 36, 40/69, 41, 47, and 57. That's enough for us.
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post #1050 of 1326 (permalink) Old 2012-08-01, 11:32 PM
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CM2020 + CM7777 pre amp

Adding to my previous post, I've been exchanging emails with someone from Save and Replay. I sent the pic of my current antenna + tvfool + description of my current reception, and they suggested the CM2020 antenna with the CM7777 pre amp. My goal is to receive all Toronto & Hamilton stations, and some Buffalo. Shall I buy?
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