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Some information for you....


Just to clear some things up for you guys.

We (Global) did change quite a bit of the signal path on Tuesday night (July 19th). New encoders, glue (distribution amps, processors, etc.), and a new PSIP inserter.

To help us with the transition, the SD signal is embedded along with the HD. We're likely remove that in the future. Those of you using something like TSReader will see it, but it's not "supposed" to show up on a TV.

Even though it's supposed to be hidden, it's sounding like some devices (computers mainly?) aren't reading the "hidden" key correctly and are still displaying the SD. I may just remove the SD virtual channel settings. There is no PAT or PMT on the SD (just PIDS), so even if your device is finding 8.2 or 22.2, it's unlikely it's going to display anything.

Of more concern is I'm not sure why some of you are not able to tune in the HD service on 8.1 (or 22.1 for those that tried it). It "should" be all set the same, and in our tests it works, but sometimes different devices react in different ways, and it's pretty hard to test all of them.

I'm trying to see a pattern that might explain that, so any clues you can provide would be appreciated.

Information like devices (like brands of TVs), rough locations, when you started to have trouble, etc. might be a hint
In addition to the path change, we also changed the transmitter. It's same location, same antenna and everything, just higher power, so that also "shouldn't" have affected anything in a negative way. If anything it should be easier to receive the signal now.

Then again, I believe in the Einstiein theory: "In theory, theory and practice are the same. In practice they're not."

For those interested, here's the TVCT (Virtual channel table) right out of master control. (Note the "Hidden=1" on the CHAN-SD signal.) You can also see the HD should be mapping to 8.1. (Major/Minor channel number)



I'm the Senior Director, On-Air Systems for Shaw Media. Basically I run our conventional master controls.
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