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Originally Posted by zeicht
just got my 6100 system, i have a 3100 system that was previously installed i just removed the coax cable from the 3100 and connected the 6100....problem is i cant see satellite 82 on the 6100, i then reconnected the 3100 and i can see both sats 82 and 91....what should i do to see both satellites on the 6100?? the HD channels look awful, pretty much like SD channels. could it be because im only getting feed from one satellite?...i have a toshiba 52hmx84 DLP by the way...
Sounds to me that since you didn't mention that you just got a 6120 system, that you are possibly not using a dual LNB with your dish.

Transponders are the individual transmitters on the satellite, and the setting for satellite reception is "off-air". I think that since you mentioned you formerly had a 3100 system with no mention of changing the dish setup, that this is what is wrong with your set up.
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