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Satellite at cottage (HWFH) Shaw

Wondering if anyone else has tried recently with the home away from home. I am a bit frustrated with Shaw right now. I switched from Rogers to Shaw last year and a big reason was they told me I can get an additional Satellite at our cottage up north. I explained it was not in my name as it is my wife's family cottage, but we spend most the summer out there. They said that was fine (fooled by their sales pitch).
I have been calling and speaking to different people and still no go. I understand their policy because it is not in my name, but then they told me I can open up a brand new account under my name and have it set up at the cottage with no proof of residency. I asked what the difference was and they couldn't explain. I don't see the difference.....the only thing I see is they will get a monthly payment from me if I open a new acct.
Just wondering if anyone else came across this.

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