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KNRR in Winnipeg...

I don't think that anyone should be getting all that excited about receiving KNRR in Winnipeg. The ERP (Effective Radiated Power) of KNRR was 316kW before the digital transition. The ERP of KNRR is presently 4.44kW. That is a signal reduction of 19dB. Assuming you believe the factor of 10dB for the improvement due to going digital that leaves us with a signal that is 9dB lower than it used to be.

I used to watch the analog version of KNRR and can report that there were some pretty bad days from time to time. Thus it would be reasonable to try to get things at least as good as before. That means we need to find an extra 9dB somewhere. I was using a 10 element channel 12 antenna at a height of about 25 feet with a preamp. This is more or less what everyone used to use in the old days of KCND (sans preamp). TVFool tells me that an extra 30 feet of height would get us another 6dB. Adding another 10 element channel 12 antenna and combining the signals could get us up to another 3dB.

So my minimum suggested rig for receiving KNRR for someone living in a bungalow would be:

1. A 40 foot guyed push up mast.
2. Two stacked VHF-hi 10 element (or more) antennas (ex Winegard YA-1713).
3. Low loss signal combiner.
4. A good preamp (it needs to deal with a very strong channel 7).
5. A receiver that doesn't mind an amplified adjacent channel 13.

All of that gets you a standard definition signal. It is not known if the people who run KNRR will ever upgrade to HD.

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