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I think a how-to for would be a great idea Hugh. Voip can save most of us a fair amount of money and probably has the best rates for Canadians. The setup however can be quite intimidating for most people, as you pointed out. runs a discount rate service. They charge wholesale rates for people who bring their own hardware. They don't sell or provide plug and play equipment. They don't specialize in hand holding.

They do provide configuration files to copy and paste if you are using one of the common adapters. If you aren't using one of the common adapters, you have to work your way own way through the configuration, and this can add considerable complexity, especially with a multi-line sip phone.

To illustrate, I purchased an Aastra 6757i ct. It was recommended the best VoIP phone, period . It is a dream come true if you're a techno geek. More features than you can imagine. It even comes with a 1200 page administrators manual.

I think a users guide or a F.A.Q.s, sorted by make of adapter or phone, would be a great help. There are a only few commonly used adapters and a half dozen makes of popular sip phones.

Is that the sound of volunteers rushing the forum?
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