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Reply to TXV on Heating costs-hydro/propane

Thanks TXV for your detailed response. By way of reply to your questions, the following additional info is provided.
a. We have a geothermal heat pump with a closed loop through the well.
b. Hydro billing period for aforementioned cost was for 29 days from Nov 17-Dec 16, 2010.
c. The hot water tank is heated by propane.
d. We are on a well.
e. Hydro usage averaged 95KWH daily during above period, as compared to daily average of 58KWH during the July 19-Aug 17 , 2010 period (note that pool pump was on 24/7 and AC used as needed)
f. Our house is a 2700 sqft single story with the basement built at ground level on bedrock
g. I am not sure how the following info is used to compare the energy costs when different factors are used (KWH/Litres/BTU/COP)
-Electricity price is quoted as 9.9 cent per KWH at peak, 8.1 mid peak and 5.1 off peak. During the Nov-Dec period we consumed a total of 2,746 KWH at a total cost of $415.81 (HST incl.) thereby costing an average of 6.6 cent per KWH.
-The rated C.O.P for the Climate Master GeoThermal Pump is 2.9 for the closed loop system (also stated on the furnace label is a rating of 42,000BTU).
-Propane cost delivered is 79 cent per litre (HST incl.)
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