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Beware "Native" Video Setting

Received my 630 tonight (missed Purolator yesterday and had to swing by the depot today to get it - drat!)

And I too got the $50 PPV credits. Unexpected, a nice little addition.

Got it activated no problem -- well, after assuring the rep that I did indeed have the 630.

I was going through the menus setting up settings and when I got to video settings I thought I'd switch it to "Native" as the 0000 mode on the 530 worked really well.

My TV did not like that at all. I got blue screen and "mode not supported" then I could no longer see the 630 menus to switch the setting back. And there is no little red button on the receiver to manually switch it either.

I reset it, didn't help. Couldn't think what else to do so I called technical support. They were flabbergasted that I had the 630 but darn excited to have a go at fixing it -- I guess I was the first call that rep had received.

We tried another reset, still not fixed. Lots of "on hold" before he came up with a great idea (wish I'd thought to do it before calling). He had me hook the 630 up through component, which worked just dandy. Switched the settings back to 720p (which he said was best for my TV, which considering it is a 720p tv I guess that makes sense). Then hooked back up to HDMI and everything was fine.

So watch those video settings! It's not a simple little red button to press if your TV doesn't like it. I'm thinking the mode button probably should have been kept.

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