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Well, I went and bought RG6 and installed the second line myself. I called and the CSR set it up perfectly and it works great.

Only problem is that I was recording and watching my Packers game when the firware update came through lol. It didn't record part of the game which sucks.

The recording schedule is a bit broken, for example:

I wanted to record Dexter, and I only wanted NEW episodes, only problem is that the episodes aren't dated for recording. It has the recording listed, but there is no date or time (it just says N/A).

I had to set it to Record ALL then the dates showed up for recording, I then had to delete the recordings manually that were duplicate.

Same exact thing happened for Trailer Park Boys, but those shows are named which is weird. It also happened to Rob & Big and Fantasy Factory.

The "New Recording" feature worked for NFL network and Entourage. I am also able to record 2 shows at the same time (as long as I'm watching one of them) or just both while the receivers turned off.
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