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I just did it last night, so I'll see how much of it I remember. I think you can probably change the order of these around a bit, but I think I did it like this...

1) Sign-up for a account. Once you sign up you will be able to get into the members area. It will put you into the Account Information area. If you are not there, using the menus at the top of the screen go to Main Menu, Account Information.

2) Configure your ATA.
a) Connect you ATA to your router (before or after, depending on the model)
b) Under the Voip Servers section of the Account Information, click on the link for the configuration examples.
c) Pick your type of Adaptor. I use a Linksys PAP2T-NA, so I choose the Linksys example.
d)follow the steps in the configuration example
- At the top, select the closest server to you (I use Toronto)
- Follow the rest of the steps
- Note for the PAP2T-NA, you need to set 2 Nat fields in the adapter, and they are location in the ADVANCED settings. It took me a while to find them.

3) Configure your voip account
a) Go to Main Menu, Account Settings. Here you can adjust your account info. A couple things I changed:
- select the USA48/Canada Routing (premium or value, I selected value)
- set your CallerID Number
b) Scroll down to Default Routing Options, and select the server you will be using (I'm using Toronto)

4) Add some money to your account. You have to add money before you can order a DID or make any calls.
a) In the top menus, go to Finances, Add Funds
b) Follow the instructions to add $25 (the minimum amount)

5) Order a DID
a) In the top menus, go to DID Numbers, Order DID(s)
b) Select Canada (or whatever country you want a number for)
c) At the top you can select a province (for Canada, anyway), and below you can select the region (town) for which you would like to see a list of numbers
d) Pick a number that looks easy to remember or feels lucky. The number will be linked you your Voip account using the server you set is step 3b above.
e) Scroll down and select a payment plan (Per minute or flat rate)
f) Scroll a bit further down and confirm your server
g) Scroll down even further and select Click Here to Confirm You Order to buy the number

6) Connect a phone to your ATA and try and make a call. My outgoing calls worked right away. The only issue I had was getting my DID for incoming calls working, but it was due to me not being able to find the Nat settings in my ATA that I mentioned above.

Total time to set this all up was about 45 minutes, including calling a few people to test out the quality. I'm still playing around with settings, and this weekend will be a larger test than last night, so I'm sure I'll come across some tweaks.

Next step will be to do a bit of testing and then port my existing land line number over once I cancel from Bell.
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