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Originally Posted by legodeveloper View Post
Have had mine up for 24 hours. With the initial firmware I had no sound out of the fiber. I forced the update to 00.13 and its been good. The hidden menu codes are the same.

The only other issue I have had so far was clock on in standby was set on as default but the clock was not on. Set clock to off and then on and it was fine after that.

The old 530 remote works with it as well which means I did not have to reprogram the Harmony - just set the remote number on the 630 to match what the 530 was.

Very happy with the size and guide features.
How do you "force the update"?

Are there any other menus where there is unpublished access?
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I just got my return box about 1/2 an hour ago from Purolator. (return shipping label included). Letter that comes with the box says to "pack securely". With what? The box is totally empty. No packing came with the box. Fortunately I had some packing paper left from something else I had delivered.

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Picture Quality

In addition to the improved PQ that I have noticed on HD channels, I find the PQ on the sd channels, using "no 4x3 override", is far superior to the sd picture I experienced with the 530. Also, for some reason the black bars on either side of the screen seem to be smaller using this setting than if I choose override for 4x3. I can now actually enjoy watching SD channels whereas in the past I avoided them like the plague.
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Originally Posted by GaryE View Post
Lester... Options 4-1- Descriptive Video should be turned "Off", SAVE and probably turn off the box and turn on just incase it doesn't kick in.
Thanks a lot Gary. That seems to have fixed it. Remember I had a similar problem when the first 530 came out. Could not get sound on some channels. The fix at that time was to turn English Language off and turn French on. Go figure.
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First impressions:

The 630 is very responsive. Love the small size. The remote is better than the 530 remote. HD picture quality seems better than the 530.

Having owned a 9242, a 722k and an HR22, the 630 is so far performing very well in comparison.

Nitpicks: orange LEDs are ugly and no OTA tuner. Otherwise Shaw Direct has a winner here.
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Way to go SD!

First off, since I only ever complain let me say how impressed I am by SD. First we get the 630s earlier than expected (surprising!) and in plenty of time for the new fall season and second -- it works and pretty darn well.

So, way to go SD! Also I love the addition of our SD support here. Very useful. (Thanks for the tip about the video setting, much easier than changing connections)

That said, I have a couple issues, minor and nothing to be regretting the purchase.

1) the aspect button causes my blue TV screen "not supported mode" to pop up for a second, then a black screen for a second before the aspect changes, this is also accompanied by a static-y sound.

*But the interactive B button seems to work fine and I now use this to zoom away black bars. But I wonder why the aspect button seems so harsh -- wrong setting? (720p, 480p overide, 16x9)

2) while watching a recording, if I let it go to its end and stop automatically, when the recordings screen pops up, it is zoomed in really close so that I can't see to delete what I've just watched, I have to hit "go back" and then go back into my recordings and delete it. I remember a similar problem like this in the 530 way back when.

3) if you have a program set to record all episodes, and you watch and delete an episode when that same episode is later shown on the same channel, it will record again.

4) channel changing for me takes forever -- black screen for 3-4 seconds and audio comes in before picture.

Anyone shed any light on these?

Other than that, I love series record, it's working brilliantly for me. Love that I can see weeks worth of episodes set to record in upcoming. Love that I can have episode titles and love, love, love the extended guide and info. Recording two things at once is working like a dream and the finish late function is super-fab for channels like Showcase. Great!

Also, I haven't received my return box either. Hope it gets here before my 10 days are up.

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How do you "force the update"?
Options - 4 - 9 - 7 - 7
(you won't see anything when 9 -7 is pressed)

I forced the update this morning right after I got it activated. The update took about half an hour.
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Elana H try setting 4X3 override to 480i. That might be why channel changes take so long. Programs in standard def are broadcast in 480i, not 480p.

Maybe also try 4X3 override off. Although it kind of sounded like your tv might not support 480i over hdmi. As 57 mentioned many tv's dont.

I was curious about the channel changes myself. Let me know if any of that helps. Although really thats about how long mine takes on bell. What were you using before? Component? It might be the hdcp handshake with hdmi that your not used to if so.
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I was playing back a recorded SD program and when I fast forwarded through the commercials, the video froze and so did the time counter. I had no idea how far along the FF was until I hit PLAY again, then it caught up. Please fix this bug!
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ElenaH- I too noticed that annoying zoom at the end of a recorder program- something that was definitely there in a previous firmware version of the 530.

I also agree that the series record function records episodes again if you have deleted a previously viewed episode. Im not sure how that cold be fixed- as the box probably thinks it is a 'new' episode- unless you delete it after the 1st airing on the timeshifted channel?
Does the guide data specify 1st airing and therefore everything afterwards is a repeat?

I echo- great to have "SD_630_suppor"t here- and this box seems to be a winner!

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Millstone: I had the same problem when FF through a recorded program while recording a second program. The screen froze with flickering and could not get out. Had to do a soft reset.

Also after reset, the channels I subscribe to, but put parental locks on as I don't watch them, all came back on the guide so have to go and delete them all again.

Other than that, loving the 630, just find it takes time to re-learn how to do things in the new set-up. Would love a more comprehensive manual.
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Post Duplicate Episodes?

Originally Posted by ElenaH View Post
3) if you have a program set to record all episodes, and you watch and delete an episode when that same episode is later shown on the same channel, it will record again.
Hi ElenaH,

We've noticed a couple of people have reported this issue. As long as the program has proper Guide data, the PVR will not automatically record the same episode for the duration specified in "PVR Options" (OPTIONS-5).

What do I mean by "proper Guide data"?
If a program has Generic or no data, the PVR doesn't know which episode is airing and will record it each time, thinking it might be a different episode.
Generic descriptions usually describe the show rather than the episode, or don't say anything at all.
Example: an episode of The Simpsons that says "Homer and Marge Simpsons raise Bart, Lisa, and baby Magy" instead of "While wandering in a field after getting lost, Lisa discovers three teenage girls who are practicing Wiccans..."
Reality TV programs sometimes have this issue, too.

If you notice a particular show that always has this issue, just set the Recording Event (in PVR Options) to only record on a single channel.

For the vast majority of primetime programming, this works flawlessly. Try it out on something like Entourage, CSI, The Good Wife, NCIS, etc. Do a search for the program, select "Record all episodes", and then go to "PVR" and then "Options". Find the program you just set, and select "View upcoming airdates". You should see the regular "recording scheduled" round record icon only once for each episode, and then the "duplicate episode" (X record icon) for each of the duplicate episodes. Delete the event afterwards if you don't want it to record!
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Post HDPVR User Guide

Originally Posted by GilandSully View Post
Other than that, loving the 630, just find it takes time to re-learn how to do things in the new set-up. Would love a more comprehensive manual.
Hi GilandSully,

Absolutely, and that's why we wrote one! There is a full 45-page User Guide available on the Shaw Direct website. It should answer any question you could possibly have about the HDPVR 630!

I don't think I can direct-link, but if you go to the website, click through to the HDPVR 630 feature page (should be a big graphic at the top on the main page), and scroll to the very bottom of that page, it's listed as "User Guide".

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I tried to record Oprah for my wife on "weekdays", but for some reason it says "manual recording 14" about 7 times in the timer list. I tried to delete the timer, but it wouldn't let me. Any help would be appreciated.
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Can't believe they didn't include a manual with the device. Download manual here. (.pdf file)
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