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I suggest you put in a call to I had a 9242 that would reboot randomly too...and it drove me nuts!

There was no heat issue and I tried several "possible fixes" myself...including unplugging, clearing the NVRAM, formatting the hard disk etc...and nothing helped.

So I called Bell and they wanted me to run a bunch of tests...and I simply said...I've done everything already...I've been on the forums...and everyone knows (some of these 9242's have rebooting problems)...please send me a new unit...and they sent me a brand new unit that works perfectly.

BTW...everytime they wanted me to try something (during the call)...I simply repeated that I had tried everything twice already...please send me a new unit....and after about ten minutes (repeating myself)...they finally agreed.

A new unit was delivered in 4 days and I've had no issues in this case...fabulous customer service...however my unit was still under warranty.
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