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Shuttle SN78SH7 Socket AM2+ Barebones

did anyone use this small case to build the htpc before, I saw on, it is about $230, I plan to add the winTV HVR-2250, (I like this come with the remote but it is not cheap, can this fit into this type of case) all I want is to replace my cable and still has the dual tuner so that I can watch OTA stuff and record the show whenever I want. plan to add blue-ray drive, 1T seagata sata, 2 stick 2G ram x2, a wireless keyboard and mouse.
my question:
is this NVIDIA® GeForce® 8200 video chipset good enough to drive 1080p?
what is the pro and con to use myth TV compare to win xp pro ( not media version, I have one licence for this but do not want to spend the money to buy win7 media version, if and only if you guy know something that I am not sure yet then please voice out).
I prefer winxp pro, since I will most likely use this as a TV and a computer monitor too for gmail, google picasa, youtube, & itunes.
if I use linux can I run this program too.
for the tuner card any other suggestion (lower cost). I only use this for OTA in toronto only
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