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I see several dozen 9242/9241 and 9200 models each and every week and I see on average 1 or 2 9242's that are rebooting similar to what you describe, in any month, so this issue is not on every machine. While it may well be a firmware issue, again it does not effect every receiver.

99% of the ones that do exhibit this issue, are very warm, even hot, with insufficient airflow and/or placed close to another heat source, such as an AVR.

My own 9242 started to do the same thing when I accidentally covered the vents on the left hand side. My 9242 is placed vertically on its' right hand end.

I removed the obstruction and within 15 minutes, it stopped its rebooting and has behaved correctly ever since.

Another problem receiver was placed on a Laptop cooler, again resulting in correct operation.
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