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My apologies for posting in seperate areas. I used to moderate other satellite forums as well. First of all, my intent was firstly to discuss my receiver restarting (which at that point I didn't know why) and secondly, to open a new thread discussing the latest V186/187 firmware updates. They were (in my opinion) two different topics.

Regardless, you're free to do as you wish here, I respect that. I personally feel I could've been given a simple warning being my first infraction, but I know the feeling of trying to keep a forum clean the way you want it.

In regards to the restarting 9242 receivers, this is a known BELL issue, one agent told me there is already firmware in the stream to fix it, another supervisor told me they are working hard to find a fix, but either way it is clearly a firmware issue with the 92xx receivers.
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