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Originally Posted by mlord View Post
There's a signal meter for (most) digital tuners, but I don't see one for analog. I've long since hacked the digital one on my system here, to show an extra decimal point as well as the raw value from the hardware (rather than only the cooked "dB" number from software).

To get the signal monitor, use Edit Keys to assign signalmon to a button on your remote control.
I think I could use that hack. I have an HVR-1600.
I found signalmon under Edit Keys, TV Playback (0.21). It was assigned Alt-F7. I changed it to another key, but it still doesn't do anything. I must be missing something. I want to use it to line-up my new antenna.

Edit: Ok. I got it working, sort of. Signal is always 0% and S/n at 2.3-2.4 but I have a picture. Must need to be hacked to work on the HVR-1600 or something.


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