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Billing Errors Continue

I have called Bell 4 months in a row now to correct my bill. Each month the CSR assures me that it is being fixed. 4 months later the errors still appear.

I emailed the executive office using an email address I found on this forum. Aside from an auto-reply, I have not heard back from them yet and it's been 5 business days. Is this normal? If not, what else can I do to raise hell?
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Get on the phone and ask to speak to a higher-up.

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Once I have 3 hours to sit on the phone I'll get right on that.

Bell. Making it difficult.
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Same thing for me...they took way too much out of my I called...and called...and change...

So...I went to my bank...cancelled the automatic withdrawl feature...and no more problems...they still try to take money out...but can't...they even try to charge interest...but I still haven't paid...

They call...and want their money now...and threaten to turn it off...and then they get a supervisor to talk with me...and I simply...and civilly... ask them to look at the see what they have done...and then tell them to correct all the problems I have documented...and then send me a corrected bill...which I will be more than happy to pay...

I go through this every month...for the past six I owe a whack of money...but they can't get their house in order...and will never cut you off...once you explain it to them...they even empathize with you...

Life is far too short to get stressed over a stupid tv bill...from a stupid the "I want the telemarketers number" their game...and enjoy the ride
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This same thing has been happening to me since August (when I signed up). If it isn't right this month I plan to remove my automatic bill payment til they get it right as well.
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If you know the errors, why not pay what should be paid, and let the rest accumulate? That would be a easier thing to defend vs. not paying them at all. You can pay whatever amount you choose. The problem wiht not paying is that it might end up a a negative note on your credit record.

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I had the some problem. They over charged my bill by $500. I tired the csr and sup thing at 310-bell but they are useless. So i worte a long email to silvermenhelps and counsumer reports CTV.CA and cc email

with in 5 minutes i had call from them. so we will see on my next bill.
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I love Bell!

I've got the same thing going on. The guy comes to install my 9200, and I got tired of waiting for him to show up (missed the appointment 2 times due to lack of product), so I installed the 20" pan and all the cabling.

Guy comes to hook it up, hooks the 2 cables that are waiting for him, turns it on, authorizes it and leaves (a whole 10 minutes).

2 months later I get $210 worth of charges on my bill (Nimiq2 upgrade, add. receiver install, and add. receiver install).

Called them, and they assured it would be corrected (there is, of course, a minimum of 1.5 hours per call with these classy individuals). This month, no correction and interest. Called again, 1.5 hours later, they assured me there would be an "investigation". I just paid what I owe, and they can take their extra charges and interest and shove it up their Nimiq.......

I love their HD programming, but their customer services licks donkey. Good thing they have their own phone company. I wonder if their 1888SKY-DISH calls end up being a tax writeoff....
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I rented the 6100 and when I received the bill it said I was renting 2 receivers instead of one. They charged me 2 activation fees.

They assured me that the problem is corrected. I'll cross my fingers.
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Just to re-state some of what has been said:

- Always record who you speak to; and the time and date and what was said.
- Never pay the exact amount each month to catch up; if you are planning on giving them $100 per month, give them $100.11 in November and $100.12 in December.
- Pay what you think you owe. When it finally gets escallated; supervisors are more willing to work with you if it looks like you've been trying to pay what you owe.

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I, too have had billing problems since the summer. I have spent hours on the phone at the CSR level, supervisor level, and most recently the executive level. The sad part is, I have actually spoke to someone who told me exactly what the problem is, and that he fixed it. For some reason, credits don't seem to be filtering down to my account. I don't know if this is a OneBill problem but I frankly don't care. Why should I be paying for services I don't get, and paying more for the services that I do have than I should be! I have pursued and exhausted every possible avenue with Bell, and they have had plenty of opportunities to fix the problem. The only thing that keeps me from jumping ship is my contract and the knowledge that the alternatives are worse with their billing than Bell is.
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I signed up in August and haven't had a proper bill since. At first I got nailed $300 in install fees (I got the 9200), but they did actually credit these back the next month (as promised after I phoned them and complained). Then I got nailed double on NFL ST, but they didn't charge me for NHL CI (yet). I've had to replace my remote and my receiver already as they were defective. Now I get my bill this month and they charged me half price. I have no idea what they are smoking .. but at this point I *think* I'm still ahead so I'm not complaining yet. I know I can't figure out the billing "theory", so I don't think they can either ..
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Don't let them tarnish your clean credit rating for something you didn't do... take them to court!

It's not that hard to do and you can get all the information online. It's about time more people stand up for there rights and not let big companies like bell push you around. Trust me that don't like being sued since it becomes public record and if you do drop a lawsuit on them they will very quickly settle with you before it goes to court.. its a good way to get there attention and to make sure they never both you again with any more so called mistakes.

I sued Rogers last year for property damage they did to my driveway and as soon as they were served the next day I had 7 guys here fixing my driveway better then it ever was! A representative from Rogers came by to make sure I was happy and I agreed to drop the case.

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After my call to them about my extra $210 of install charges, they assured me it would be taken care of in a week. Instead of fixing it, they called this morning telling me my account is 55 days in the rears, and they threatened to disconnect my service.

Had to get nasty, and then was put on hold for 10 minutes. Then I got the supervisor. Apparently a week ago there was a note on my account to credit it the $210, but there was no request in to actually apply the credit, so he claimed that he did, and the problem would be fixed in 6 weeks!!!!!!!

If it wasn't that I owened all the hardware, and they have the most HD service, they'd be gone...........

Getting my Bell bill gives me the same stress as seeing a Revenue Canada envolope in the mail!!!!
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post #15 of 239 (permalink) Old 2005-12-05, 10:07 PM
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Just tell them you want it fixed now and not in 6 weeks but right now! Don't let them tell you what there going to do and that it's going to take 6 weeks that I know will turn into 6 months... give them an ultimatum... tell them you give them 2 weeks to fix the problem or your going to fix 'them' in front of a Court Judge. Tell them you've successfully sued other companies before and 'like' to sue for the satisfaction of winning.

If they don't listen to you then file a case... they will then get served and will have only 20 days to file a defense... if any. Most likely they will not want to go to Court and you will have some big wig from Bell call you up and try to make peace.

If for some reason the're too stupid to file a defense within 20 days... you can ask the Court for a default judgment... this means that you've won even if it didn't go to trial.

It's a good idea to record your phone calls with Bell as evidence to support your case. If they are saying on the phone you're owed the money and there not giving it to you this will for sure cook them in Court.
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