CRTC to Review if Skinny Bundles are Following ‘the Spirit’ of the New Basic Cable Policy

CRTC is going to hold a review to see if skinny cable packages are following ‘the spirit’ of the new basic cable policy.

66,000 Canadians Have Signed Up for New Basic Skinny TV Packages

66,000 viewers in Canada have subscribed to the new basic TV packages now available from TV service providers for about $25 per month.

CRTC Approves Corus Entertainment’s Acquisition of Shaw Media

The CRTC has approved Corus Entertainment’s acquisition of Shaw Media.

CRTC to Introduce New Watchdog for Cable and Satellite TV Complaints

Consumers who have a complaint about the TV service they are receiving from a cable or satellite provider will soon be able to have their voice heard with the Commissioner for Complaints for Telecommunications Services, (CCTS). The CCTS currently functions as an independent watchdog on complaints concerning telephone, wireless and Internet services, and will now […]

Following the CRTC’s Ruling, Cable Providers Must Now Offer $25/Month Basic Cable Packages, Pick and Pay and Channel Bundles

Canadian T.V service providers must now offer $25/month basic cable packages, and pick and pay and channel bundle options to viewers.

CRTC Launches New Online Tool to Compare Phone, Mobile, Internet and TV Services For Consumers

Today, the CRTC announced the launch of their Communication Service Providers in Canada webpage, just 10 days before significant changes are set to come into effect for Canada’s television service providers.

Rogers to Launch New Channel, Viceland, With a Free 3-Month Preview at the End of February

Rogers’ new specialty channel, VICELAND, will be coming to viewers with a nationwide three-month free preview on February 29th, 2016.

Rural Radio 147 on SiriusXM is Back on Air

Rural Radio Channel 147 on SiriusXM Canada, a rural-lifestyle channel on Sirius radio has been reactivated.

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