Interac Debit on Samsung Pay now in Canada

Samsung Pay is now available in Canada.

11 Things to Know About the New LG V30 Smartphone

The LG V30 smartphone has some great features and a few drawbacks.

Dialpad is About to ‘Kill the Desk Phone’ in Canada

Dialpad is a new business communications system that now seeks to eliminate the desk phone in Canada.

Problems for Bell Customers Calling 911 from the Apple Watch Series 3

The new Apple Watch Series 3 may not relay your exact location to emergency operators when calling 911 on Bell’s network.

10 Essential Things to Know About Apple’s New iPhone X

The new iPhone X is coming to consumers this fall.

7 Best Cellphone Promotions Across Canada This May

There are many deals to be had on cellphones at major companies across Canada this month.

11 Things to Know About the Samsung Galaxy S8

Samsung’s new phone is expensive, powerful and ready to please. Samsung’s new smartphones, the Galaxy S8 and S8+ are now available for purchase in Canada. If you’re feeling iffy about all phones from Samsung because of those battery issues sure, it might not be your first pick. The exploding battery of the Galaxy S7 smartphone […]

3 Best Reliable Gardening Apps

These top 3 gardening apps will help you make the very best of your garden this year. Pair perennials, get accurate planting and harvest times and preview a new landscape look for your home.

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