Here are iPhone Cases that Offer the Best Protection Against Water, Heat, Cold, Drops, Sand and Dirt

You want a you-proof phone. Dropping your cell phone on a concrete sidewalk, losing it in the desert sand, throwing it on the fire with the hot dogs by accident and diving into the hotel pool’s deep end with incredible joy- and then massive disappointment- with it in your pocket. It’s bound to happen. We […]

Here are 9 of the Best Cell Phone Plans in B.C

Here are 9 of the best cell phone plans in terms of data, air time and perks in B.C.

Is Blocking Cell Phones in Bars and at Concerts Acceptable?

Blocking cell phone signals and getting people to lock up their phones at concerts and bars is becoming more common. Are we about to look each other in the eye, again?

Beats Pill+ Bluetooth Speaker from Apple

Beats by Dr. Dre just introduced the Pill+ speaker. The new Pill+ comes in either black or white and costs $230. It is part of the Pill family of wireless, Bluetooth products. It is larger than the regular Pill, but smaller than the (recalled) Pill XL. The larger size of the Pill+ versus the Pill brings with it longer battery life and improved sound quality.

Watch Celebrities Take on the New Viral Internet Challenge: The #mannequinchallenge

The mannequin challenge is the newest Internet craze, and celebrities like Kevin Hart and friends are joining in too. Watch this…

Comparing Cell Phone Plans: Fido vs Koodo

You want the best cell phone plan out there, but how to find the time to compare offerings? We know-you’re busy.   We’ve set out here to make things somewhat easier. The world of cell phone plans can seem like an unending galaxy but here is a look at what two of the top providers […]

Watch This Guy Freak Out Watching A Horror Movie in Virtual Reality

A first-time virtual reality user lasted only a few seconds watching the horror movie Catatonic in VR, and judging from his hilarious and frenzied reaction in the resulting video, it is safe to say that he regrets that decision.

How to Get the Cheapest iPhone

By looking at alternatives to buying the latest iPhone, you can save money and get what you need. Here are 6 ways to get a cheap iPhone.   So you’re one of the millions: you’d love to own an iPhone and you don’t want or need a cell phone contract. Or, signing a contract is […]

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