4 Ways to Effectively Control Screen Time in Your Home

(photo credit: www.pixabay.com) Google Wifi’s new feature called Scheduled Pause, as well as these other tried and true parental control methods, can get your kids off of screens and onto something else, at home. Trying to steer kids off of devices can be difficult. Every parent fears the power battle that can ensue when it’s […]

4 Things to Know About Apple’s New 2017 iPad

Apple’s new 2017 iPad is here.

How to Make Your Laptop Battery Keep Going, and Going…a Little Longer

Are you looking to get the most out of your laptop battery? Try these tips for conserving energy immediately and over the long haul.

Is Facebook Getting Ready to Read Our Minds?

(photo credit: www.pixabay.com) Are you a ‘brain-computer interface engineer’? Facebook wants to hire you. Facebook users know all too well how eager the social media site is to gather information on us. Movie preferences, political tendencies, what we post, our ‘likes’-the site wants us to share it all. They seem to seek to analyze it, […]

Here Are 9 of the Cheapest Laptops Now Available in Canada

Here are 9 of the cheapest laptops in Canada, as of December 2016.

Why Pay More? Here are 4 of the Cheapest Internet, TV and Phone Bundles in Ontario

Here are 4 of the cheapest internet, TV and home phone bundles now available in Ontario.

The 5 Best Laptops for Students on a Budget

Here are 5 of the best laptops for students on a budget, from Chromebooks to something that gives you 1 TB of storage space.

Meet the Voice Behind AOL’s ‘You’ve Got Mail’—Is This What You Thought He Would Look Like?

If you logged onto the internet circa 1997, chances are you heard this guy, Elwood Edwards, greet you with a warm “Welcome! You’ve got mail.” Is this what you thought he would look like?

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