U.S Court of Appeals Has Ruled Against ‘Fast Lanes’ on the Internet: Will the CRTC Do the Same?

U.S Court of appeals has ruled against ‘Fast Lanes’ on the Internet, something that the CRTC will likely consider when they review Canada’s net neutrality rules as part of an upcoming public hearing.

Apple Unveils New Updates including Siri on Mac, Siri Search for YouTube, Apple WatchOS3, macOS Sierra, and iOS 10

Apple unveils new updates including Siri on Mac, Siri search on YouTube, Apple WatchOS3, macOS Sierra, and iOS 10 among others.

You Can Now Post 360-degree Photos on Facebook

You can now post 360-degree photos on Facebook.

Microsoft’s Natick is Planning to Build and Run Data Centers Under the Ocean

Microsoft’s Natick is planning to build and run data centers under the ocean.

Microsoft is Cracking Down on Terrorist Content on its Services

Microsoft is introducing various ways of cracking down on terrorist activity on its consumer services.

Check Out the First Short Film Made with Facebook’s Surround 360 3D Camera

This week, Facebook released the first film made with the company’s new Facebook Surround 360 3-D 360-degree camera system. According to adweek.com, the camera, which was introduced at Facebook’s F8 global developers’ conference this past April, has documented a short film set in New York’s Grand Central Station entitled, Here and Now. The film was made […]

Google’s Tango Wants to Map the Insides of Our Buildings, Bringing Virtual Reality to Everywhere

Google’s Tango wants to map the insides of our buildings, bringing virtual reality to everywhere.

How Facebook is Getting Around Canadian Privacy Laws by Using Object Recognition in its Moments App

Facebook is using different technology in Canada and the EU to identify people in photos with its Moments app.

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