Bell to Roll Out North America’s Fastest Mobile Network

Yesterday, Bell announced a plan to bring mobile customers the fastest network speeds ever in North America. This is coming with the first roll-out of Tri-band LTE Advanced (LTE-A) network service on Samsung’s new smartphones, the Galaxy S6 edge+ and the Galaxy Note5.

Home Automation 101: Home Automation Options

Your home works for you – in a standard home, there’s no central hub. You have to go to each object and tell it what to do when you want something done. You have to go to the coffee maker, select the settings, change the filter, add the grinds and then press the button to […]

Nokia Setting Up For Return to Mobile Industry

Nokia, once the world’s largest maker of mobile phones is preparing to make a comeback, according to recent reports.

A Primer on Home Theater Systems

If you enjoy going to the movies, the idea of recreating the experience with a home theater system is very tempting. What could be better than popping yourself some popcorn, grabbing a frosty beverage and settling into a comfortable seat to enjoy a film?

Netflix Competitor CraveTV to be Offered to All Internet Users in Canada

BCE’s CraveTV will be making their streaming TV service available to all Internet users in Canada at the beginning of 2016.

Facebook Drone to Bring Internet to Remote Locations Across Earth

Facebook is to begin test flights later this year for a solar powered drone that will bring Internet to remote locations throughout the world.

CRTC Ruling: Big ISPs Must Share Fibre Networks with Competitors

The CRTC has put forth yet another ruling in favour of the little guys. Starting next year, the country’s largest internet service providers (ISPs) must share their high speed fibre networks with their smaller competitors. The ruling comes more than 6 months after the CRTC held public hearings where they heard from industry players, consumer advocates, municipal […]

Distributel Announces Major Expansion of High Speed Internet Service in Quebec

Distributel has announced an extensive expansion to its high speed internet network in La Belle Province. The service will now be available in an additional 29 cities across Quebec, including Rimouski, Tros-Rivieres, Drummondville and Shawinigan. “Distributel has aggressive plans to expand our cable footprint throughout Canada, and we’re starting in Quebec,” says Matt Stein, CEO of Distributel. “For […]

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