Beauty Tech Products of 2017

Beauty tech products can help clean your skin and more.

7 Father’s Day Tech Deals in Canada

Are you still looking for the perfect gift for dad? These tech deals could be the answer you’re looking for. Father’s Day 2017 is fast approaching. Not every dad loves all things tech, but regardless, having a new gadget can certainly grow on you. Remember, everyone hates an e-reader until they learn how to use […]

5 Best Fire Safety Tech Devices to Keep You Safe

Fire safety can be enhanced with notification apps, smart extinguishers and more.

8 Best Digital Add-Ons for Long Car Trips

Add in tech gadgets to make long car rides more comfortable.

3 Ways to Organize Your Home with Decluttering Tech

Getting control of the mess in your home- if it’s messy- is time consuming. Consider these 3 decluttering tech aids to keep control.

3 New Apple Products: All About iMac Pro, iPad Pro and HomePod

Apple’s new iMac Pro, iPad Pro and HomePod have all been introduced by the company.

4 Things to Know About Original Shows Coming to Facebook

Facebook is creating shows to showcase its own video content.

Best Tourism Apps for Vacations in Canada

Going on vacation has never been easier than in the digital age. Check out these vacation apps for touring around Canada in style.

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