Should You Get a Solar Charger for Your Phone?

The sun is a resource sitting right above your head and an easy one to tap, if it actually does the job. I’m totally going to show my age, but writing the title for this article made me smile. If someone had me asked that question when I was a teenager, I would have thought […]

5 New Smartphones Coming to Tempt You in 2017

Here are 5 new smartphones coming to consumers this year.

Crime Drama SNATCH Coming to CraveTV April 17th

CraveTV’s SNATCH is coming this April, 2017.

Highlights of the 2017 Game Developers Conference

Here are some highlights from the annual Game Developers Conference (GDC).

Best Wearables for Women in 2017

Here are some top wearables for women in 2017.

All About Google and Levi’s Connected Smart Jacket

Love your phone but wish your jacket was connected to the world as well? Levi’s has heard your requests and has the product you’re looking for coming soon. Levi’s has partnered with Google to develop a smart jacket that will hit the rack this coming fall. It’s made of denim and is building on the […]

Kick Back and Watch: The Best Big TVs of 2017

Whether you’re watching the game or binging on Netflix, a TV with the best reviews is what you want. Big screens are where it’s at. The bigger the better. March is a great time to upgrade, what with spring cleaning taking place, (out with the old, in with the new), and tax refunds on the […]

Rogers vs Bell TV Packages: Who Has the Better Deal in 2017

Rogers vs Bell: the never-ending saga continues. If you’re a TV lover, going without extra channels isn’t an option. So, what should you buy in 2017, if you live in Ontario? Whatever you please. Here’s a run down of your choices. Here we’re looking at prices and options for TV packages. No bundles have been […]

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