3 Best Smart and Non-Smart Programmable Thermostats

Here are the top-rated smart and non-smart programmable thermostats on the market.

4 Creepiest Animatronic Halloween Decorations

Here are some of the creepiest Halloween animatronics on the market.

Here is What’s Coming to CraveTV this November

Here’s what’s coming to CraveTV this November, 2017.

11 Things to Know About the New LG V30 Smartphone

The LG V30 smartphone has some great features and a few drawbacks.

Shopify to Triple Its Workforce in Waterloo

Shopify is getting ready to hire hundred of new employees for positions ranging from entry-level to senior management.

3 Best Space Heater Brands of 2017 to Keep You Warm This Fall

Here are some of the best-rated brands, when looking at space heaters.

Viewers in Western Canada Can Watch Netflix on Shaw’s BlueSky TV With Simple Voice Commands

BlueSky TV is now integrated with Netflix.

6 Things to Know About Enbridge’s Free Winterproofing Program

If you own your own home, you may qualify for Enbridge’s free winterproofing program to help you save money on your heating.

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