3 Best Reliable Gardening Apps

These top 3 gardening apps-iScape, Perrenial Match and Gardenate- can help your garden blossom this spring.

You might be diving into gardening with the warm weather. Whether you’re a veteran gardener or trying it out for the first time, knowing where to plant what, and being able to see what your garden will look like in the end can be useful.

Here are 3 gardening apps to give you the tricks of the trade and help your garden blossom this season:

1) iScape (Apple and Android)

(works on iPad, iPhone, and iPod Touch, with a Lite version available for Android)

If you have plans for your garden and would like to see how they turn out before trying them, iScape is your tool. It works like a hairdo app that lets you see the end result before investing in any changes.

iScape is described on its website as an app that “provides easy-to-use virtual design tools so you can portray your vision at ease.” Take a picture of the outside of your home and then drag and drop various design landscapes into it, to see what you like.

2) Perennial Match

Planting your favorite flowers side-by-side may be your dream come true, but a nightmare for your plants.

Perennial Match lets you create combinations of perennials to see if they can thrive together. Will they grow or are your choices as incompatible as family members at a holiday gathering?

See your results as pictures or in a table format that compares the plants’ characteristics. This is a great tool for increasing your garden knowledge without having to do tons of research before buying.

3) Gardenate (Apple and Android)

If you’re filling your kitchen with food from your plants, Gardenate is for you. This app doesn’t do flowers, but it focuses on edible plants and herbs- think celery, carrots and coriander.

Maybe you’ve been gardening for eons and have your system down pat, and so you don’t need this. But if you’re experimenting with new crops, you’re new to it all, or you simply have so many fruits and veggies going at once that it’s hard to keep track of them all, this app can be terribly useful.

Stay abreast of seeding, transplanting and harvesting dates, and share your garden with other devices.

If you really want to be professional, you can also export your garden with notes to a spreadsheet file on your computer.

Plant and Disease Identifiers

As a heads up, there are more than a few gardening apps out there that claim to help you identify unknown plants and diseases in your garden.

You take a picture of the item, and these apps tell you what’s in the image. The trouble is, a general investigation of a variety of these apps has shown they can come up with iffy results, at the moment.

If you do choose to use one, just know that it may or may not be accurate. The technology behind these tools is hopefully still being refined, as it would be incredibly useful to use if it were almost 100% on point.

If you do need to identify a something in your garden that you inherited from the previous owners, or if you have some kind of pest taking over the leaves or bark, conduct a Google image search or do research using a description to garner more precise results, at the moment.

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