Here’s What’s Coming to CraveTV in May, 2017

Looking for new shows (and the return great old ones) to keep you on your toes? Read on. With the Stanley Cup hockey playoffs on, basketball playoffs gearing up in full swing and hackers setting season 5 of Netflix’s Orange is the New Black on the loose for consumption, viewers have a lot of content […]

How to Turn Off Aggravating Autoplay Videos

(photo credit: Disturbing the peace? Here’s how to bring back silence. It’s ironic that when researching this topic to make sure my points were consistent, a video popped up and began to play automatically. I couldn’t find it quickly on my screen and had to simply press ‘mute’. What’s most annoying about autoplay videos […]

How to Stop Facebook From Tracking Your Online Browsing

Feeling violated by all the targeted ads? One simple step can fix it. Online privacy is kind of an oxymoron, for most of us. Whether you’re shopping for toilet paper or comparing college tuition rates, Google and Facebook seem to always know what you’re up to. But it doesn’t have to be this way. Back […]

Technology Your Backyard Will Love

Adding solar lights, outdoor heat, speakers and more to your backyard can spruce it up for spring.

11 Things to Know About the Samsung Galaxy S8

Samsung’s new phone is expensive, powerful and ready to please. Samsung’s new smartphones, the Galaxy S8 and S8+ are now available for purchase in Canada. If you’re feeling iffy about all phones from Samsung because of those battery issues sure, it might not be your first pick. The exploding battery of the Galaxy S7 smartphone […]

5 Best BBQ Apps for Perfect Grilling

(photo credit: BBQ season is in full swing. It’s an ancient activity, and combining some new technology with old habits can make for great meals. Here are 5 of the best grilling apps for fresh ideas and perfectly cooked meat, every time: 1) BBQ TankMeter– Android If you’ve got gas in your tank, you’re […]

3 Best Reliable Gardening Apps

These top 3 gardening apps will help you make the very best of your garden this year. Pair perennials, get accurate planting and harvest times and preview a new landscape look for your home.

How to Upgrade Your Car Radio

(photo credit: You can replace and upgrade your radio easily by hiring someone to do the dirty work, or by doing it all on your own, using these 4 tips. Maybe your car radio suddenly died without explanation or saying goodbye. Or maybe you’re yearning for Bluetooth, a touch screen and video capabilities at […]

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