6 Best International Calling and Texting Apps

Here are 6 top calling and texting apps, to help keep you connected for less.

Samsung 4K HDR TVs, LG 4K HDR Monitors and Blackberry Phones Coming in 2017

The Consumer Electronics Show is coming to Las Vegas in the first week of January, and here are some highlights.

Shopping? Here Are 5 Drones (Mostly) Under $500

Here are 5 drones under $500.

Galaxy Note 7 WiFi Prank Delays Virgin Flight From San Francisco

A prank involving Samsung Galaxy Note 7 delayed a Virgin flight out of San Francisco this week.

The CRTC Has Declared Broadband Internet a Basic Telecommunications Service for all Canadians

The Canadian Radio-television and Telecommunications Commission has declared broadband internet service to be an essential service for all Canadians.

All About Amazon Prime Video

Amazon Prime Video is now available in Canada.

Check Out These 5 Best Cell Phone Plans in Ontario

Here are 5 of the best cellphone plans in Ontario.

Here Are 9 of the Cheapest Laptops Now Available in Canada

Here are 9 of the cheapest laptops in Canada, as of December 2016.

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