Love eBooks? Here Are the Best eReaders of 2016

Here are the best ereaders of 2016, as rated by the public, CNET, PC and Digital

5 Best Fitness Trackers for the Active Person on Your List

It’s always a good time to follow your fitness. Right now is a great time to buy a fitness tracker though, compared with other times of the year. There are some great sales taking place as we lead into the holiday season. Read on! Check out Best Buy’s Black Friday sale for some of the […]

The 5 Best Laptops for Students on a Budget

Here are 5 of the best laptops for students on a budget, from Chromebooks to something that gives you 1 TB of storage space.

Here are 9 of the Best Cell Phone Plans in B.C

Here are 9 of the best cell phone plans in terms of data, air time and perks in B.C.

Is Blocking Cell Phones in Bars and at Concerts Acceptable?

Blocking cell phone signals and getting people to lock up their phones at concerts and bars is becoming more common. Are we about to look each other in the eye, again?

Check Out Samsung’s New Patent and Other Foldable Phone Technology

Samsung has patented an idea for a foldable smartphone.

Here are the 5 Best Bluetooth Keyboards of 2016

Keyboards: gaming keyboards, portable, foldable and backlit keyboards: they all abound. Bluetooth keyboards specifically though, cover some of these bases and can be particularly useful. Why? Because, maybe your workspace changes from location to location, or you simply like the ease of being able to connect your phone or tablet to a larger keyboard whenever […]

How to Get the Fastest Internet Canada Has to Offer

Internet speeds in Canada vary depending on geographic location and who your service provider is.

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