shomi to Launch Next Tuesday on Xbox One

Shomi will launch its content on Xbox One next Tuesday.

Wind Mobile Completes Second Major Network Upgrade In Calgary

As part of ongoing upgrades with their networks across Canada, Wind has completed its second major network upgrade in the Calgary area.

YouTube Space Toronto Opens its Doors to Content Creators, Offering Free Equipment and Studios

Toronto now has its own YouTube Space, joining eight other cities worldwide with their own Google Inc. space.

Canadians Hunger for Smarter Homes as Technology Increases

Smart home technology is being increasingly sought out by Canadians.

Shopify Becomes First Commerce Platform to Integrate with Facebook Messenger

Shopify has become the first commerce platform to integrate with Facebook Messenger.

Amazon’s Thinner, Lighter Kindle Oasis is Here

This April, Amazon announced the arrival of their newest e-reader, the Kindle Oasis. Said to be designed for comfort and extended reading, the Kindle Oasis is 30% thinner on average and over 20% lighter than previous versions and includes a physical design that is made to shift the center of gravity to the reader’s palm, […]

Sheridan’s Digital Interactive Media Management Students to Hold Open House

Sheridan’s Interactive Media Management students are holding an open house this coming Wednesday, in Toronto.

Parking Panda’s Leading U.S On-Demand Parking App Comes to Canada

The Parking Panda’s parking app is now available to Torontonians.

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