Google Rolls Out New Hardware Including New Nexus Phones and Tablet

Google rolls out new hardware including new Nexus phones and tablet.

Apple Sells Record Number of iPhones in First Weekend With Roaring iPhone 6 and 6s Sales

The iPhone 6 and 6s have set a record, with over 13 million in sales during their first weekend on the market.

Facebook to Bring Internet to Refugee Camps

This past Saturday, Facebook’s Mark Zuckerberg announced that the uber-popular online social networking site is actively working to bring Internet services to refugee camps worldwide.

BlackBerry Confirms Release Of Android Phone This Winter

BlackBerry confirms release of android phone this winter.

Canadian Tire Rolls Out New App With Mobile Credit Card, Loyalty Card and Game All-In-One

Canadian Tire rolls out new app with mobile credit card, loyalty card and game.

Apple Devices Still Being Labeled Safer Than Android

Apple devices still being labeled as safer than android devices.

Microsoft Releases Office 2016, Worldwide

Microsoft Releases Office 2016, Worldwide.

Shopify and Google Set To Expand in BlackBerry’s Hometown

Shopify and Google Set To Expand in BlackBerry’s Hometown.

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