CRTC Silencing Loud TV Commercials

Starting on September 1st, the CRTC is requesting that Canadian digital broadcasters and distributors hit the volume controls to prevent excessively loud TV ads. Jean-Pierre Blais, Chairman of the Canadian Radio-television and Telecommunications Commission reiterates: “Canadians will be able to enjoy their favourite television programs without having to adjust the volume during commercial breaks. We […]

Gogo Approved For In-flight WiFi Over Canada

Industry Canada has given the green light to Gogo to provide its in-flight WiFi service to both commercial and business planes that are traveling within Canada and cross-border to the US. Gogo has been issued a subordinate license allowing it to build an air-to-ground frequency spectrum that operates on the same frequency as its network […]

Samsung Ready to Launch 75-inch HDTV in Canada

In the luxury television market, consumers will often tell you bigger is better. Manufacturers have taken note. Samsung Canada is introducing their largest, most advanced Smart LED HDTV on August 31st. The 75-inch ES9000, just .35 inches thin, fits with the bigger, thinner, smarter sets that are becoming the entertainment and two-way interactive informational hubs […]

Primus Launches Enhanced Cloud Computing Platform

Primus Business Services (NYSE: PTGI) has launched its enhanced PrimusCloud Server to allow Canadian business clients more control over their hardware performance. The PrimusCloud Server platform provides enhanced levels of end-client management capabilities and has two distinct levels of storage performance – standard cloud and premium cloud. Primus created a single cloud product that spans […]

Rogers Buying Score Media for $167M

Rogers Media plans to acquire Score Media Inc., which includes The Score Television Network and related television assets. However, the $167 million acquisition does not include the firm’s digital media business, consisting of The website and mobile applications. Rogers said that prior to the acquisition, Score Media’s digital assets will be spun out to […]

Spotify Planning to Launch in Canada

Spotify will be launching its music streaming service in Canada, according to the Swedish company’s management team. The official date has not yet been released, nor has the timeline for entry into the Asian and South American markets, also on the company’s expansion agenda. Spotify has three tiers of service offerings including a free service […]

Canadians Ask: “What Generation Gap?”

Rogers released their newest Innovation Report today, which touches on the differences between how parents and their children use their smartphones and tablets. A couple of stand out points from the report include: – 29% of parents consider themselves to be technologically inclined, while 43% admit they ask their children for help when it comes […]

Microsoft Adds A Brand New Logo

The world’s largest software company released a brand new logo on August 23rd, after keeping its look in tact for the past 25 years. Granted there’s no huge change, as the new four-pane multi-coloured design still resembles the existing logo for Windows, accompanied by a clean, simple, bold font. It’s no secret that the company […]

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