Rogers to end network throttling in 2012

After an investigation by the Canadian Radio-television and Telecommunications Commission (CRTC) found that Rogers was indeed throttling internet traffic over their network, Rogers has confirmed that they will start reversing this policy, and that all network users will be free of throttling by the end of 2012.

Throttling is essentially cutting back the available bandwidth a user can make use of when uploading or downloading to the internet. The CRTC reported about a month ago that Rogers was engaging in this activity during high traffic internet usage times.

This comes within weeks of Bell announcing that they too will stop engaging in bandwidth throttling, and is a big win for net neutrality here in Canada.

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3 Responses to “Rogers to end network throttling in 2012”
  1. Proud Canadian says:

    Thank you CRTC. Appreicate lookin after us Canadians.

    FINALLY !!!

  2. Scott says:

    If both Bell and Rogers now admit that throttling is no longer needed to maintain “fast” network speeds because they have taken enough steps to upgrade their infrastructure does that mean that the end of tiered pricing plans could be around the corner?

    LOL … even that made me chuckle; not sure what I was thinking with that piece of logic.

  3. Proud Canadian says:

    Just wondering, the article says AFTER “investigation” CRTC found that Rogers was indeed Throttling. Hmmm……So then is it safe to assume that something was being done wrong ???

    If so, then why the wait till end of 2012 ???

    Why not Immediate ?? Someone please tell me.