Amazon Tablet expected to arrive this week

In November of 2007, released the Kindle e-book reader. In less than four years, the device, alongside Amazon’s marketing muscle and on-line presence, has gone on to revolutionize the way “books” are being sold today.

The Kindle was not the first e-book reader, (Sony’s first ebook reader was released in April 2004) but it has gone on to be the most popular and most profitable. By May of this year, customers were purchasing more Kindle books than all print books – hardcover and paperback – combined.

While Amazon has been highly successful with its Kindle device and ebook sales, its dominance in the marketplace is already being threatened by media tablets such as the iPad which can function as both ebook readers and general purpose computers.

Die-hard book readers will tell you that the e-ink screen found on the Kindle is often superior to the backlit screen of a tablet computer when reading under harsh lighting conditions, however, the versatility of tablets computers makes them strong competitor to ebook readers for people who don’t want to carry around a book reader and a tablet computer.

For the last few months, perhaps one of the tech industries worst kept secrets was that Amazon was developing a tablet. This Wednesday at a press conference in New York City, Amazon is expected to unveil that new tablet.

Some details of the device have apparently leaked out. Earlier this month, the TechCrunch blog said the Amazon tablet will feature a 7-inch colour touch screen and will be powered by Google’s Android Operating system. The expected price is $250 USD.

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2 Responses to “Amazon Tablet expected to arrive this week”
  1. Kaitain says:

    “the e-ink screen found on the Kindle is often superior to the backlit screen of a tablet computer ”

    For “often”, read “almost always”.

    Comic books and PDFs are better on an iPad, plus some technical books with detailed color diagrams. Almost nothing else is.

  2. snardos says:

    The first time I saw an e-ink e-reader on display in person I thought the text on the screen was a printed label. I started pushing buttons on it to see how it felt, and the text started changing. I was amazed how good the screen looked. If I read a lot, or at all, I would definitely get one.