Essential iPad Apps for the Home Theatre Enthusiast

Due to the overwhelming number of new iOS apps being released on a daily basis, it is difficult to keep up with all the new releases so the following is an overview of my favourite home theatre related apps along with some other recently released equipment specific apps which could be useful in many home theatres.

Save money in the Digital Home

In the spring of this year, Ontario Hydro increased electricity prices across the province. It was the third major increase in the cost of electricity in 13 months. In addition to rising energy costs, Digital Home owners have seen the cost of television, Internet, landline and wireless telephone service all increase well in excess of inflation over the last five years.

If your salary has not kept up then rising prices means cutting back on discretionary items in order to keep the family budget in balance. To help out, this article presents some tried and true ways to get more for less.

High Speed Internet Smackdown: Rogers vs Teksavvy

An Angus Reid study released this week found that 46 per cent of Canadian respondents would give up watching television before they would ditch using the Internet or their phones.

Thirty-five percent said they would rather give up their phone in order to continue their online and television access, while only 20 per cent would give up their Internet access. The research shows what many Canadians already know, internet access is no longer a luxury in our present day western society, it’s an essential.

Toronto to get a third area code in 2013

In a Telecom decision handed down today, the CRTC has announced that Toronto will be getting a new area code overlay in 2013.

Area code 437 will begin in March 2013 and will be in addition to the 647 area code overlay which was introduced in the original 416 region in 2000.

Wind Mobile now offering Pay as you Go wireless

Wind Mobile announced on its corporate blog today it is now offering Pay as you go wireless.

Consumers will be able to make 25 cents per minute when calling from anywhere in Canada and the U.S. to anywhere in Canada. Texting in Canada and the U.S. will cost you 15 cents a text and data cost ten cents per 25kb.

Rogers Cable rolls out improved search functionality

Rogers Cable announced today enhanced search functionality on its cable set top boxes which have Quick Start Menu functionality.

The new search lets customers look for shows airing in the next seven days by program title, keyword, actor, director, genre or channel name and number.

Rogers increases download speeds and bandwidth caps to select users

In a corporate blog posting, Rogers has announced that later this month it will raise bandwidth caps and download speeds on selected internet plans for selected Rogers customers. Upload speeds will remain unchanged.

Rogers Extreme and Extreme Plus users who own Docsis 3.0 modems will receive a larger bandwidth cap and faster downloads. Rogers Express users with a Docsis 3.0 modem will see faster download speeds while Ultimate users will get more a bigger bandwidth cap.

CRTC moves up introduction of 873 area code in Quebec

Yesterday, the federal regulator announced the new area code – 873 – would come into effect much earlier because the region is now expected to run out of telephone numbers by September 2012.

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