Shaw unveils new Internet and digital television bundles

Canada’s largest Television and Internet Service provider Shaw Communications this week announced new broadband internet and television pricing bundles which the company says were developed after five weeks of customer consultation during February and March.

In addition to the new bundles, the company also announced that existing customers can keep their existing internet packages with the added bonus that their data caps will be more than twice their current levels.

Existing Subscribers

The following chart highlights the new data caps for existing Shaw Internet subscribers. The standalone price is the price consumers pay if they only subscribe to the Shaw Internet package, bundle discounts are also available which can save consumers about $10 per month.

New Broadband Television Packages

Beginning in June Shaw will be introducing new broadband and television pricing bundles in two phases.

Phase one will be available in June, 2011 in all Digital Shaw neighbourhoods. All Digital neighbourhoods are where the cable giant has converted its analog cable tier to digital.

In Phase one, Shaw will offer five packages: Unlimited Lite, Broadband 50, Broadband 100, Broadband 100+ and Unlimited 100 which will be offered with Shaw’s Legacy TV or Personal TV.

Phase 2, which adds a Broadband 250 and Unlimited 250 option will start on August 1, 2011 in all-digital neighbourhoods and will be rolled out in remaining neighbourhoods as they are upgraded.

The following chart shows details of the Phase 2 plans and pricing. (Visit Digital Home’s Shaw High Speed Internet and Home Phone forum where Shaw Employees have been answering our readers queries about the new plans)


One Response to “Shaw unveils new Internet and digital television bundles”
  1. dwayne says:

    I am really not sure why you are keeping the cap idea alive when you competion does not have them. Is it revenue based? Is it to keep infrastructure cost down? Some people think it is to keep cable tv alive.. is that it?

    I am treating this as a turning point for the web. Having to watch your usages for fear of a huge bill will change the very nature of the usage. It would be the same as charging per minute fees on local telephone calls…

    increasing the cap amount is meaningless because of the changing internet. 50gig was a lot back in the day.