Sirius XM overhauling its channel line-up on May 4th

Subscription satellite radio provider Sirius XM has announced that its channel line-ups on both Sirius and XM radio will be reshuffled on May 4th.

The most notable change is that virtually all of the stations will have the same channel number whether you are tuned to a Sirius radio or an XM Radio. Sirius XM says some differences will remain between the Sirius and XM channel offerings due to technical reasons or agreements with content providers.

When reviewing the new line-up, you also find that channel numbers are being changed so stations are grouped together based on their genre or content type. Sirius XM says the changes will make it easier to navigate through the line-up and make it much easier to discover similar programming. For example, Sirius XM’s six country stations will be group from channel 55 to 62.

In addition to reshuffling the line-up, Sirius has merged and added some stations. Among the changes:

  • “Sirius Left” and XM’s “America Left” will become “SiriusXM Left,” on SiriusXM Channel 127.
  • “Willie’s Place” has joined forces with “The Roadhouse” to become “Willie’s Roadhouse,” on SiriusXM Channel 56. “Willie’s Roadhouse” will feature music from Willie Nelson, along with other classic country artists like Merle Haggard, George Jones, Patsy Cline, Buck Owens and more.
  • A dedicated home for “limited run” channels. Channel 18 is now “SiriusXM Limited Engagements”
  • XM Radios will now receive “SiriusXM Hits 1”.
  • Sirius Radio willl now be able to tune into “SiriusXM Hits 1” beginning on May 20th

Click on the Image to download a .pdf file of the new line-up

What Happens on May 4th

On May 4th, Sirius XM radio will receive an update and will need about five minutes to update the channel numbers the radio is turned on. During this time, the audio you hear may not match what is shown on your display and you may see messaging such as “updating channels” or “acquiring signal” on your radio’s display.

Sirius XM says subscribers should let the update complete before changing any channels which could delay the update from being completed. Presets should be updated as the preset buttons should automatically ‘follow’ any channels that you’ve preset to their new locations.

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8 Responses to “Sirius XM overhauling its channel line-up on May 4th”
  1. Dok says:

    This pdf is not correct. I’ve twittered the guys at the score as this PDF is showing the score is no longer on sirius. Mike Gentille (Program Director of Score on Sirius 98) has stated that the station is moving to Channel 158. This is confirmed from the actual sirius site.

    • BillsDigitalPhotos says:

      With the new change will we be able to hear C-Span on Sirius radio & Sirius XM? And if not , why not.? Thanks, Bill

  2. mickey says:

    I have heard you will be taking off the Enlighten(#34) , along with the other Cristian stations, is this true? If it is true, we will not be subscribing any longer as this is why we have XM Radio.

    • goatgrl says:

      I went to the website–the other Christian stations are all there–Enlighten is moving to internet radio but the others will still be there.

  3. DazzlingDave says:

    So, CNN is in the “News” Section, but FOX NEWS is in “Politics”? Do ya THINK yer bias is showing?? lol.

    • AD Tech says:

      You are confusing “Fox News Channel” with “Fox News (Talk ) Radio”

      FNC is in the “News” group while FNT is in the “Poltics” group.

    • lefty says:

      Did they merge the 2 left channels and leave a few of the lumps of dung in the lineup and put people in the wrong time slots – you becha!

      You patriots’ got the Patriot channel, America’s Talk (which is 90% far right) as well as Talk Radio which is predominantly righty chalk! Not to mention Faux news + all of those pro Korporate M$M business news channels….

      • AD Tech says:

        If the liberal left’s adherents were interested in making money instead of taking it from those who have it, liberal talk radio could be a financial success…. just like Air America. Oops.