Samsung users complain Android 2.2 update is bricking phones

Samsung yesterday announced that a free upgrade to Android 2.2 (Froyo) is now available for the Samsung Galaxy S Vibrant, and will soon be available for all Samsung Galaxy S smartphones.

Digital Home Readers report the update became available last Saturday and since then many Samsung owners on the Bell network have reported problems with the update including some who say the upgrade has bricked their devices.

For example, one Digital Forum member reports that three out of four Samsung Galaxy S Vibrant phones in his office were rendered inoperable within 48 hours of the update.

In addition to some users having their phones bricked, other Samsung owners complain of a serious problem that has rendered their internal SD card unreadable. Minor problems such as missing icons in the user interface are also being reported.

It’s unclear how widespread the issue is, however, Digital Home advises Samsung owners on Bell Mobility to avoid upgrading their smartphones to Android 2.2 until the source of the problem has been found and further instructions are issued by Bell and/or Samsung.

For those who have successfully upgraded their Samsung Galaxy S Vibrant, new features, courtesy of the Android update, include: Adobe Flash Player 10.1; press reader that enables users to read multi-channel newspapers and magazines; Google Maps Navigation with voice guidance; Google Places to view the location of friends or perform local searches; Search in Browser enables users to use services such as Google, Translate, Wikipedia or Dictionary without navigating away from their original webpage; Increased user control and ability to preview the homescreen, menu and camera with Pinch Zoom; and dedicated Voice Search button and horizontal user interface support for use in a cradle.

For corporate users, new features include Enhanced Microsoft Exchange integration and new security features, including the addition of numeric pin or alpha-numeric password to ensure sensitive business information is safeguarded

The Android 2.2 upgrade is available via Kies, Samsung’s software upgrade program that can be downloaded at the Samsung mobile website. The upgrade is now available for the Samsung Galaxy S Vibrant and will be available later this month for the Samsung Galaxy S Captivate as well as the Samsung Galaxy S Fascinate 3G+.

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22 Responses to “Samsung users complain Android 2.2 update is bricking phones”
  1. Roch Vaillancourt says:

    My father and I own the Samsung Galaxy S Vibrant. When Froyo was available for Bell customers, we both upgraded immediately. Within 24 hrs, my father’s phone was dead and within 4 days mine was also. We both had the Galaxy logo flashing, and there was nothing to be done.

    It appears Bell didn’t test Froyo properly on their Vibrant and the resulting customer service was very frustrating. Bell World wanted to charge me $35 to send the phone for repair (I fought this and got it waved). It turns out that I must pay $25 for a replacement phone, regardless of whether it’s my fault or not that the phone is broken. I chose not to get the replacement phone thinking I would just suspend my monthly payments and wait out the 4-6 weeks for the repair. When I called Bell the next day to suspend my payments, they informed me this was not possible. I was given ridiculous prepackaged responses such as:

    1) “Even if your phone breaks, you must pay the monthly charge because it’s in your contract”. This is regardless of who is at fault for breaking the phone!

    2) “You had a choice and refused the option of accepting a replacement phone”. I was told the replacement would be $25, and if I had broken the phone I would have paid this fee. But since Bell was responsible for the problem I don’t think I would need to pay for a replacement phone. Bell should be happy to remedy the problem they have caused.

    3) “We are not responsible for what the stores charge as repair fees and replacement phones”. I can’t understand how Bell could not be responsible for the fees charged at BELL world.

    4) I was offered to suspend my phone services for $40, but I might as well pay the $25 for the replacement phone instead, and use the services I’m already paying for.

    Regardless of the contract wording, Bell should still be held accountable for their negligence in releasing firmware without appropriate testing.

  2. Michael R. says:

    The issue is not only related to the recent Froyo release. The issue was occuring well before Froyo was released for this phone. In fact, I had my phone die on October 29th due to the SD card issue, even though I was running the stock Eclair ROM, and had never done any lag fixes. As of December 16th (SEVEN weeks later), I still don’t have my phone back from repair. Parts are backordered and currently have no ETA for arrival.

    There is definitely an issue with this phone, and its hardware,

  3. Brad says:

    This is a huge problem that needs to be solved. I will tell you this, I will NEVER purchase another Samsung product every again nor will I tell any of my family and friends too if this does not get solved.
    In my area Bell has completely ran out of loaner phones, they told me to call Bell and they would send me out a loaner in 5-9 days. Thats 5-9 days without a phone! PLUS Bell will not refund/stop your plan while you wait! Your paying Bell for a service your not using!?!

    Both Bell and Samsung have left a sour taste in my mouth

  4. Yvesalf says:

    how will i know when to do my upgrade safely?

  5. Jonathan says:

    When 2.3 is released.. (Gingerbread?)

  6. mike says:

    I got a brand new vibrant with 2.2 pre-installed on it…bricked within 24 hours of turning it on. Left me with no phone from Christmas eve till today. Tech support said I was lucky in was new because otherwise I’d have to send it out for repairs (4-6 weeks)….ya that’s not going to happen.

    • Sifton says:

      Lucky it was new and bricked?! My Vibrant was only 1 month old (I consider that new) and it bricked less than 36 hours after the update to FROYO (Dec 14) and I am still without a phone (Jan 5). Regardless of how new it was, Bell told me 4-6 weeks, with no comparable loaner phone, and the guy at the Bell counter was telling people to NOT update to FROYO! Samsung finally admitted to there being a problem and Bell continues to ignore the issue. It is too bad, I liked the Vibrant phone.

  7. David says:

    So, I’ve had this phone for four months now and I’ve just taken it into Bell to get it “fixed” it stopped working on Christmas Eve Day. After dealing with some horrible support people in the stores, I paid nearly $50 to have it sent in. This is a COMMON hardware problem. Don’t buy this phone.