HP to stop selling Windows Home Server

In a corporate blog posting, Microsoft has confirmed that HP is retiring their MediaSmart Server line, which includes Windows Home Server.

HP have told Microsoft that they do not plan to provide a platform for Windows Home Server (WHS) code named “Vail”.

Microsoft claims the decision by HP had nothing to do with a controversial decision last month by the software giant to drop Drive Extender technology from the Windows Home server product.

HP told Microsoft that it will continue to sell the existing version of MediaSmart Server until the end of this year and will honour future service and support agreements.

Despite HP’s exit, Microsoft says it continues to work on delivering the next version of WHS with other third party partners such as Acer and Tranquil.

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2 Responses to “HP to stop selling Windows Home Server”
  1. Cambo says:

    Nothing to do with discontinuing DE eh?

    Yeah. And politicians are always truthful.

    Microsoft just killed the best part about WHS…because it didn’t perform in a sector it wasn’t designed for?!

  2. DigitalDude says:

    WHS is a fabulous product and a superb companion to SBS.
    If future WHS would include an Exchange server, I’d drop to one box.

    With so many homes having multiple PC’s, WHS is almost a must to consolidate data storage and automate backups.

    Sales geeks should be asking at each new PC sale, how many the buyer has and be picthing these liek crazy.

    What an untapped market.

    Thankfully it’s still available for TechNet subs to roll their own WHS.

    Poo Poo on HP anyways for taking such a short sighted role.