Bell raising phone prices in New Year

Telecommunications giant Bell Canada this week began notifying consumers that it is raising phone rates in the New Year.

Effective January 1st, 2011, Bell will be increasing the cost of calling features by $2 per feature. Basic features such as Caller ID and Voice Mail will now cost homeowners a whopping $10.95 per feature per month!

The price of other popular calling features will such as Call waiting and Visual call will rise to $8.95 and $16.95 per month respectively.

The price increase is the second one announced this month for Bell Phone and internet customers. Earlier in November, Bell announced that it would be doubling the maximum amount it charges high speed internet customers for exceeding their bandwidth cap from $30 to $60 per month.

Bell customers looking for an alternate POTS (plain old telephone service) to reduce their telecommunication costs may wish to consider Primus Telecommunications or Teksavvy Solutions which offer monthly Internet and Telephone packages for significantly less than Bell.

More tech savvy readers may also consider VoiP (Voice over Internet Protocol) telephone service from Vonage Canada or For example, Vonage now offers a $30 a month calling plan which offers unlimited local and long distance calling within North America plus over twenty calling features including VoiceMail, Call Waiting with Caller ID, Call Forwarding, Caller ID Block, Call Return and Anonymous Call Block.

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8 Responses to “Bell raising phone prices in New Year”
  1. James says:

    I pay roughly $6-7/month for my VOIP.MS setup with ALL the calling features and about a dozen long distance calls to the US a month. Anyone still with a POTS or even big cable phone line is getting ripped off.

  2. Uncle tom says:

    Bell is retarted…with these prices, anyone would be a fool to stick with them.
    I just switched to Vonage today, currently being charged $8 for caller ID…that in itself is ridiculous.

  3. user says:

    This is a telltale sign of an aging dinosaur in its death throes.

  4. Steve says:

    These features should be FREE! They are in most other parts of the world! What a crock of crap! People with Bell are idiots if they pay for this! There is no reason other than greed and relying on the fact that their customers are all idiots and will pay for the increase.

  5. Jason Bonham says:

    I’ve used Vonage since 2004. $20 per month for all the features and they email me my voicemail messages.

    Bell is taking advantage of the mentally handicapped and aged here…. the ones that can’t figure out that you have a choice or don’t know any better.

    That’s just mean.

  6. mmb says: is wonderful. POTS are so 1950s : )

  7. Arthur says:

    Bell must have extemely poor management. This will obviously not increase revenue, well maybe for the very short term but custumers will be departing in droves daily.
    They are hurting now and only making things much worse by trying to gouge what customer base they have left.

  8. eddy says:

    i just moved and ordered dry loop with acanac, no bell line. works fine. i hate bell. and i hate rogers. these two companies constantly badger the government to change law to rip off their customers more- the gov caves because they get hst on the big monthly bills, sweet